• Beta amyloid plaque

    Alzheimer's disease always shows itself with these tangled stands of proteins. Cannabinoids have been shown to remove this buildup. Other medicines can at best cause a small decline in a few of the patients, nothing even close to what we've seen cannabinoids do.

    I have never read a study regarding marijuana and Alzheimer's that didn't come to the conclusion that it was somehow having a positive effect. Here is one study as a reference to my statements.,2005,JNeurosci.,25,1904-.pdf

  • Marijuana can help to treat everything.

    Marijuana can help to treat
    everything. I think that marijuana could
    possibly help the victims of Alzheimer's disease get better. I think that marijuana is good for people
    suffering from any kind of illness. This
    is because marijuana relaxes people and puts them at ease. The body heals itself when we sleep, and
    marijuana makes you sleepy.

  • No, marijuana destroys the brain.

    No, Marijuana cannot help treat Alzheimer's disease, because marijuana destroys the brain. Marijuana users who use marijuana for a long period of time have actually been shown to have a decrease in brain function. Those who convince themselves Marijuana helps with anything medical only want to find an excuse to continue to use the drugs.

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