• Experimental Results

    I have always battled with depression. During a brief stay in Amsterdam recently, I smoked a lot of marijuana. I had never felt better in my life, both physically and mentally. Marijuana can have absolutely outstanding effects on a wide variety of ailments, including but not limited to, depression. From my personal experience, I can say with the utmost confidence that marijuana has the potential of helping people fight depression.

  • Marijuana can help with depression.

    It is proven that marijuana can help with depression as that is one of the reason's for it's medical use. Marijuana is a mood altering substance and is known to calm people down. It may not be proven to help in all cases of depression but is very beneficial to many to help them get through their stages of depression.

  • Yes, marijuana can help with depression

    Marijuana is a mood altering substance and it is definitely able to help the user achieve an alteration in mood from a depressed state. Whether the improvement in mood is due to actual toxicological effects, or the psychosomatic belief in the efficacy of the effects of the drug is immaterial; as it doesn't matter what causes improvement in mood, as long as the improvement occurs.

  • No, marijuana is not a cure for cancer

    There are many causes of cancer in the human body. Medical science has not determined all of the factors associated with the disease. To date, no one has proven that marijuana use decreases the rate of cancer, nor does it reverse the course of cancer once it has taken root. Marijuana mat be quite effective as a factor in reducing the pain of cancer, but it certainly is not a cure for the disease.

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