• Yes, Marijuana Can Hurt You

    Marijuana is a drug, it is not a chemically manufactured drug, but it is a drug just the same. Some people believe that because marijuana is found in nature it cannot be harmful, this is absolutely untrue. Marijuana is not as harmful as many other drugs, but studies have shown that it can impair a person's judgement, and that alone can certainly be harmful. Just as with anything else, the use of marijuana needs to be tempered with good common sense.

  • Yes, it depends on how you use it.

    Most people will not be harmed from recreational use. But there are some people who might experience strong physical or mental symptoms that are negative. There are also people who may abuse the drug in ways that are unhealthy and damaging to their work and personal lives. It can only hurt you if you make consistent bad choices under its influence.

  • Marijuana has the Potential to Harm

    Although there are extensive studies showing that marijuana to a great extent does not cause extreme physiological or psychological dependence, it can still cause harm in numerous ways. Depending on certain people and their different reactions to this substance, it could potentially cause death, if a user if for example is highly allergic to the substance. Just like alcohol in many respects, it can potentially cause neurological damage if abused and can ultimately manifest in both physiological and psychological ways. For example it can induce psychosis in some populations of individuals, a condition that could cause extreme psycho-social harm. In other instances the carbon monoxide and other inhaled carcinogens can harm the lungs to some degree.

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  • Be responsible with weed

    If you are smoking then you should know you'll be dizzy and not feeling normal. Bring eye drops and take deep breathes and if you do get harmed its because you're not being responsible or you have smoked too long. Marijuana isn't something you do on a daily basis. It's for parties or for friends to hangout and try. But smoking hurts you more than marijuana and from personal experience if you are going to smoke anything then it should be weed because smoking cigarettes can hurt your lungs.

  • Is Marijuana safe?

    I believe marijuana is safe to an extent. I have never heard of anyone dying due to a marijuana overdose. Marijuana is no more dangerous than smoking or consuming alcohol. Marijuana should be used in moderation just like drinking alcohol.

    I believe if marijuana were dangerous than I believe there would not be an out cry for its use for medicinal purposes.

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