• My living proof

    I was always a 3.0 student with a 120 IQ. As a medical marijuana patient I am now a 4.0 student with a 160 IQ. True story. I have documents to prove. Its an enhancement drug. It makes the dumb dumber and the smart smarter. It makes the lazy lazier and the motivated more motivated.

  • In some ways.

    When I am high I feel more... Creative or smarter in certain aspects, because I get great ideas (sometimes) and things make more sense sometimes. Although studies have shown that smoking makes you "lose IQ" I think certain strains for certain people can make them smarter. Just my argument :P

  • Absolutely, what a nice high does is to focus the mind while allowing it to stream thoughts, new ideas and create new things.

    Marijuana users have higher IQ's but not everyone can focus while on cannabis, so they perceive that as a reduction in IQ, when in reality they lack the experience and discipline to use it as a learning and processing aid. The increase in IQ is due to an increase in hemispherical communication between the two halves of the brain. This increase affects the speed at which information is "streamed" meaning it allows the brain to process more thoughts at a higher rate possibly increasing your learning speed. The problem is people get really inebriated while high, and that is where discipline comes in handy. Being able to focus for long stretches of time and remember material faster, and easier. Hybrid's around 60/40 mix of sativa/ Indica provide the relaxing feeling while still allowing you to focus, or if you want to focus and not feel as relaxed, use a medium to high strength sativa, 15-20% is the perfect range. If your too high however you may fall asleep or be very close to doing so.

  • Truthfully, I say Possibly Yes

    Cannabis smoke alone does not have carcinogens in it, nor does it contain generally harmful chemicals. Cannabis is an herb yielding seed, which means it sustains. If the CB2 (Cannabanoid Receptor) controls the immune system, I'd say activating it could also stimulate brain cell growth, As it also controls CB1.

  • I can't speak for anyone but myself

    Me wife and I started smoking again about a year ago. I've never seen two people react so oppositely to the same drug. When she smokes, she says she can't think clearly and passes right out. For me, I feel energized and creative and I want to discuss physics and and philosophy (being a physics student). The drug's ability to calm me down (as I am generally an anxious person) allows me a clear mind to process new information. I study physics and high level math after smoking to help me better understand the subject material.

  • Does Marijuana make you stupid?

    In a study using nearly 2000 subjects, including adjustment for gender,education, and other variables a team of scientists used a large array tests that challenged the problem solving ability of a wide pallet of people who use marijuana at differing levels. This test used people who completely abstained, people who smoked occasionally, people who smoked somewhat frequently, and some who were heavy users of marijuana. For sure every color of the spectrum was represented as the terms "Heavy, occassional, and somewhat frequent" provide for a lot of overlap between categories. The finding of this study was that, when sober, people who use marijuana whether it be occassionaly or heavily suffered no noticeable difference in their problem solving ability when compared to peers of the same gender and degree of education. I don't believe that Cannabis can make one smarter within the context of school or math, however, I do believe that it's ability to open one's mind to new ideas, concepts, and new levels of creativity can make for a smarter person as a whole.

  • MODERATE marijuana will make you smarter

    Studies show that apart from heavy marijuana user, MODERATE marijuana users show a significant increase in IQ compared to those who don't smoke or heavily smoke marijuana.

    Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol has already been proven to modulate or control chemical exchange between neurons and therefore controlling seizure disorders and other movement disorders in the brain. This benefits people psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders and depression.


  • Marijuana will make you smarter on a creative basis.

    Smoking marijuana does not make you generally smarter, however, as a psychedelic "drug" (Its a herb) tends to expand your creativity and the ability to think outside the box. I not only smoke weed, but I study I too, and ill tell you, the only way it will make you dumb is if your still young enough to be considered as a person developing brain. Studies have shown that smoking under 18 have a maximum of 6 IQ points lost if you are under this age and smoke a lot. I do not recommend smoking pot under the age of 18, but AT LEAST be 16.

    PS: Don't do synthetic weed, its crap and does make you dumber.

  • It's possible

    Study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, examined whether marijuana lowered intelligence levels in users. The study was largely ignored by US media, while within Canada, the results seemed to depend on which newspaper headline you read.
    Most headlines about the study said something like "Potheads become dopes" (Toronto Sun) or "Pot does rot your brain" (Edmonton Sun). Yet a few papers reported the opposite, announcing that "Marijuana Doesn't Make You A Dope" (Calgary Herald) or "Smoking Pot No Risk To IQ" (Globe & Mail).
    That a single study could produce such conflicting headlines says more about the integrity of the media than it does about the study itself.
    Here's how the study was done: A group of young, middle-class adults was assembled, consisting of non-tokers, light pot smokers, and heavy users. Light users were those who smoked less than five joints a week, heavy users toked an average of 33 joints each week. Researchers used urine samples to confirm marijuana use or abstinence.
    Everyone in the study had been subjected to IQ tests between the ages of nine and twelve. They subjected this crew to follow-up IQ tests to see how their lifetime use of marijuana might have affected their IQ. They found that the non-tokers IQ's stayed the same or went up slightly. The light tokers had an average IQ increase of five points, more than the non-tokers. The heavy users had suffered an IQ loss of about four points.
    The study further found that after abstaining from weed for three months the differences between the three groups' IQ levels disappeared.
    The study was led by Dr Paul Fried at Carleton University in Ottawa, who told the media that they needed to be "very cautious" about the results.
    What this study would seem to show is that moderate use of cannabis produces an increase in IQ, while heavy use produces a decrease. Further, the study shows that even heavy, long term use of cannabis produces no permanent harm to IQ scores.
    This study refutes most of the prohibitionist propaganda about youth and cannabis use. That the "light users" who toked five joints per week actually saw an increase in IQ scores indicates that cannabis may have enhancing effects on learning and comprehension. That both the benefit to light tokers and the deficit to heavy tokers is temporary is reassuring because it shows that the effects of cannabis on the brain are easily reversed, even among heavy, long-term users.
    Meanwhile, a separate US study into marijuana use and cognition found similar results. Led by Dr Constantine Lyketsos of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, the study analyzed test results of over 1300 adults on a test called the Mini-Mental State Examination. They compared two tests given 11 1/2 years apart. In an article published in the April American Journal of Epidemiology, the authors found that the light and heavy toking groups had about the same or less age-related cognitive decline than the non-tokers.


    Google marijuana stimulates brain cell growth. You will find studies.

    For example:

    A synthetic chemical similar to the active ingredient in marijuana makes new cells grow in rat brains. What is more, in rats this cell growth appears to be linked with reducing anxiety and depression. The results suggest that marijuana, or its derivatives, could actually be good for the brain.

    In mammals, new nerve cells are constantly being produced in a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which is associated with learning, memory, anxiety and depression. Other recreational drugs, such as alcohol, nicotine and cocaine, have been shown to suppress this new growth. Xia Zhang of the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, and colleagues decided to see what effects a synthetic cannabinoid called HU210 had on rats' brains.

    They found that giving rats high doses of HU210 twice a day for 10 days increased the rate of nerve cell formation, or neurogenesis, in the hippocampus by about 40%.

    And remember that the question was "Can marijuana make you smarter?" not "Does marijuana make you smarter?"

  • There Is No Evidence Whatsoever

    I love reading the comments from all the yes side people here. First off, the fact that a few of them may have improved proves nothing. Much less that weed is a "motivational" drug. Marijuana is a generally considered a depressant, though at times it can be a stimulant. All this refers to is the effect it has on the brain. Basically, whether it depresses or excites you. That is the effect it has on you. Like any other drug, because regardless of your personal belief and desire to get high it is a drug, there are people that can use drugs and continue to live a regularly productive life. Just like there are those that abuse drugs and are failures. Unfortunately, there is overwhelming social evidence to prove that most, not all, of the people that use marijuana regularly are indeed, losers.

  • Killer.

    Marijuana cannot make you smarter in any way, shape or form. Drugs kill brain cells and if anything, they make you a lot dumber and less capable. That's why most drug addicts drop out of school and are unable to continue their education in that condition. It is very harmful and unhealthy.

  • Weed is stupid

    I have seen myself that marijuana can ruin your life and make you choose other wrong choices I have learned from from it and I hope everyone who reads this do to. Do it if you want but no that's wrong. It only makes you stupid sorry to bust all of yalls bubbles!!!

  • Of Course Not

    I am a high school student and have read many books on this subject, the fact is the act of taking in any substance does not increase intelligence. Learning is up to the scholar and substances effect everybody differently. With all these diverse effects it is very ignorant to say this is a miricale substance that increases intelligence, im sure you know plenty of dumb pot heads.

  • How is this even a question?

    I can't even tie my own shoes when I'm high. I suppose, it can affect people differently, but it's unfathomable to me that people find it helps them focus. The only thing it makes me focus on is the wall....For about 20 minutes at a time and I think only 10 seconds has gone by. I can't follow a conversation to save my life. I hear sounds, but can't process what they've said until several minutes later. Not to mention the muscle spasms I get as well. It's also never made me hungry.

    So, perhaps, for some, it may help with their anxiety or if they're a really hyper person, but for me, it just turns me into a zombie. I don't find it enjoyable at all. I can't even imagine how anyone could think it could raise their IQ. If, for some reason, it does help you focus on something, that's not the same as being smarter. It just means you're not distracted by all those shiny quarters. And, by continuing to use marijuana to "fix" that, you never learn how to focus on your own. Thus, your dependency(aka mental addiction) grows. So, now you're mentally addicted to something, spending more money, and you still haven't fixed the problem. People wonder why "pot heads" are generally frowned down upon.

  • NO

    There is no such evidence showing that smoking marijuana increases intelligence. It may increase your focus, and studying while smoking marijuana and then taking an exam while still feeling the effects of the drug will increase your ability to remember more of what you have studied. But the same thing can be said for chewing gum. There is nothing that a human can take to create intelligence other than just old fashioned learning. All in all, smoking marijuana has no effect on the brain's knowledge.

  • I don't see how

    I'm all for smoking weed if you want. I really don't see any extreme bad effects of smoking MODERATELY. Using any substance too much, even something like aspirin, WILL eventually cause negative side effects. The only reason I say no to does smoking weed make you smarter is because smoking deprives your lungs of oxygen. From a technical standpoint, this does kill cells, including brain cells. But I don't see how eating some pot brownies would make you and more or less intelligent.

  • Marijuana Is A Motivation-killing Substance

    The smoking of Marijuana itself can cause one to be creative and humorous over the smallest acts. Now, before I continue with my argument, let me say that I have smoked weed countless times, whether it was out of a bong, blunt, joint, or vaporizer, you name it! I have tended to always be motivated to do something, such as getting my homework done right after school, doing my laundry, or working out. After smoking many times and very shortly after smoking, I have found myself to be very lazy and careless.

    What can I say, the majority of us all procrastinate, but this is something much more. I will sit down after smoking and look at my statistics homework and audibly shout "What the F***." Prior to smoking, I fully understand my statistics or any class that I am taking, so therefore, that is a demotivating factor.

    In terms of whether I am for the legalization for marijuana is a whole other story, but I will say that I am for it. It may sound ignorant to state that I think that marijuana will not make you smarter ,yet agree that it should be legalized, but I think that people have the right to do as they wish.

    I know that a very large percentage of those that are participating in this debate support the use and the smoking of marijuana, hence the illogical title of this debate. Anyone can argue for or against and lie their way to compensate for their sadness that marijuana is not legalized, but truly many people that believe that marijuana will make you smarter are glued with the imaginary and undeniable acceptance, or susceptance.

    Constantly we deceive ourselves in believing this inevitable argument that marijuana will make you smarter, but my god wake up people that is like asking "Is eating candy good for your teeth?"

  • No Convincing Evidence That Marijuana Can Make You Smarter

    There is no evidence that marijuana can make you smarter. There have been studies here and there that make certain claims, but nothing definitive has come of them. Since there is no sure evidence, then we cannot make the claim that marijuana makes you smarter. There has in fact been a study that shows that marijuana use in younger individuals can make you dumber.

  • This is silly

    What is the definition of 'smart'. Depends on the way you interpret what 'smart' is, this question will be very hard to answer. If you are stupid sober you are stupid high. If you are smart sober you are more than likely to be smart when high just a little bit slow, and clumsy due to the drug. But correct me if wrong. I just haven't found any evidence to support this claim.

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dominickhan60 says2014-01-05T20:28:19.793
When you smoke marijuana, your head starts glowing. Others may not be able to see this, but it is true.
Naymeria says2014-06-05T17:16:22.567
T's delays and prolongs the thought you r in..
If u want to be scared after being high, u will be scared
if u think nothing will happen, nothing will happen at all
if u think u r happy, u shall see the light
its the psyche acting up baby