• It will take a lot.

    They can change their ways, but it's going to take a lot. They have been proven as unhealthy and disgusting yet a cheep food source for years. Even this company's attempt to make healthier items, they still end up using the same unhealthy ingredients in them. The standards would have to be so high, they may not be able to afford such a change. Their current monetary demographic would probably change as well, due to the fact that good quality food isn't very cheep.

  • No, I don't believe they can.

    They have always been known for their great tasting, not that healthy and very fast, food. Healthy food is usually pretty expensive and I don't think they would be able to make a profit if they suddenly changed their business practices and I don't think the general public would appreciate it either.

  • No....I don't believe they can

    I don't believe that they can change their ways of unhealthy food....Their food is almost 2 to 3 days old and definitely unhealthy.They r dumping their foodstuffs in developing countries like india cause it is not being supported in the developed countries and the citizens here think that it is a status symbol to go and eat unhealthy food in mcdonald's...What an irony!

  • Health Nuts Will Never Flock to McDonalds

    McDonalds will never be able to shame its unhealthy reputation because it has been associated with unhealthy food by too many people for far too long. A complete menu overhaul would only give skeptics something to scrutinize further and the quality of the food would continue to be questioned as it is today.

  • No, and it shouldn't

    Let's get one thing straight - people don't go to McDonalds because they want to be healthy. Every single person who walks through that door knows that they're not getting the best nutrition out of their food, or if they don't, they're not paying attention. When you go to McDonalds you're indulging yourself in eating something you shouldn't have - the only way to get rid of the reputation would be to remove the food that is available now, and that would simply lose them customers. It's popular as it is - why change it?

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