• Rape is a two-way street.

    If a man can force a woman into sex, then a woman can surely force a man into sex. Rape is forcing someone into sex, so obviously it would follow under the same definition. However, rape is usually commited by men more than women. Both parties are vulnerable to each other.

  • Yes they can

    Although it is very likely that it is a rare occurrence. And Sadly because it is so rare, any victims of such an offence most likely do not receive appropriate support. I would argue that they have far more negativity directed towards them than positivity.

    5 more words. Blah blah.

  • Yeah, it happened to me. I will do my best to explain, my english is not perfect.

    It happened at the summer.

    I was playing with a friend at 8pm when he said he has to go home so i went at home too. That night my parents weren’t at home so i was alone. I lived in a small town with one 24/7 opened supermarket, so i went there to buy something. While i was walking to the supermarket i saw a girl( 17–18 years old maybe) who started flirting with me. I was really young for a girlfriend and holy shit she was older than me, so i ignored her. Once i got something to eat, i called a friend to go outside, and while i was waiting for him on a bench, the same girl came and started talking to me. At the same moment someone ( it was a man) grabbed me from behind, pinned me to the ground , tied me and put me in a blue van. After that, the girl came at the back seats where i was and started removing my clothes while the man was driving to somewhere. Of course i tried to do something but i was tied strong. She removed some of my clothes, and after around 20 mins, the van stopped. It was a house between a village and my town. The man grabbed me and put me in a room. He tied me to a bed strongly, so i couldn’t do anything. They left me there for 2–3 mins. I was scared to death, i was nude tied to a bed in a house far from people.

    When i started screaming the girl came in the room and put a ball in my mouth and tied it aroung my head… A 30years old(maybe) woman came in the room too, probably her mom, not sure but she was older than the other girl. She was using a sex wip to hit me while the younger girl was licking me and was touching my body , probably to cause erection. I erected fast and she started fucking me. I was raped by her several times for like 1 hour or so and they left me in the room. After 30–40 mins( there was a clock in the room), they came and played with me like a slave, when the man untied me from the bed, put me in the van and drove near the village . It was around 5 am, he tied me to a tree trunk and left me there. I thought i will die there. After hours a man who was jogging with his friend found me and called the police. I didn’t say what happened because it was the first time i got fucked and wasn’t really bad. Yeah, i was uncomfortably tied to a bed and raped , but it wasn’t as horrible as i expected at the begining.

    So yeah, raping a boy is possible but i think it’s not that bad as raping a girl.

  • It is yes, but...

    Well, women probably wouldn't like being raped by any men (even their husband) , and it would be a traumatic incident for them, an unforgettable one. But men-From my viewpoint as a male-I think there are some guys that wouldn't mind being raped by women (except an ugly woman :D, sorry), especially by pretty girls. They thought this was a rare opportunity for them. This is also an unforgettable incident for them but in other way :D. Even they maybe would ask the woman more after the incident, so this is why people don't consider this (woman rapes man) as a rape incident.
    But not all men like to be raped, like me. I don't want to be raped (except my future wife) because it's a huge sin in my religion.

  • It happened to me when I was 13.

    I had some sleeping problems and was taken a prescribed sleep aid. When some of my female cousins that were younger than me came over they were always interested in my genitals probably do to them only having a single parent (mother) household. Earlier in the day she notice me having an erection from the vibrations of a four wheeler I was riding and she asked to see it. She promised not to tell and make it feel good. Weirded out my cousin was acting like this I said no. She looked more mad than hurt. Around bed time I took my sleep aids and was out like a light. Around 3 in the morning I woke up to her sitting on my legs with no panties on. She had hold of my penis. I shoved her off asking new what she was thinking. My crotch was dripping wet. I dont know if she had done sloppy oral or had actually mounted me. She looks me in the eye and said she will get what she wants and if I tried to tell who would believe me. So yeah it happens and the sad thing is the way things are setup the man can be attacked but have to pay consequences.

  • Rape knows no gender.

    It makes no difference which gender is the perpetrator or the victim. Rape is rape, crime is crime, violence is violence. So forget the myth that only men can be the rapists and only women can be the rape victims. BULL FUCKING SHIT. Anyone can be raped, and anyone can be the rapist.

    For those of you who believe that there's no possible way that a woman can rape a man, you are either plain stupid or a closed-minded individual. A woman can be just as strong, or even stronger than, a man, and men can get erections even if they don't "want it." She can rape a man by forcing herself onto his junk, just as a man can with a female victim. If she has a strap-on dildo she can sodomise him with it while holding him down with all her strength. And of course, she can threaten violence with her bare hands or with weapons such as clubs, knives, and even guns, and multiple women can gang-up on a man and rape him that way too. Women can be just as violent or even more violent than any man. Rape is just as frequently committed by women on men as it is by men on women, but the frequency is lower because most of it goes unreported. As I sad before, forget the myths, because they are completely false. We need to raise more attention to this issue for both sexes.

    Fortunately I think I read somewhere that there are anti-rape devices specifically designed to be worn by men, much like conventional devices designed to be used by women. I have the feeling that such male anti-rape devices fit over the penis like a condom and when a woman decides she wants to have her way with the man she could end up with her vaginal wall being shredded by razor blades when he tries to withdraw, or the device could inflate so it cannot fit into the vagina, or it could be even more high-tech with a spiralling blade (like an auger) that detects vaginal discharge by female arousal and begins spinning at high speed mutilating the attacker's vagina and leaving behind a spiral laceration. But perhaps I may be wrong. Such devices may or may not exist but I have a feeling they do.

    That being said, rape is a serious problem for both sexes and we need to support both male and female victims equally, whilst punishing both male and female perpetrators in the same way. Perhaps with both genders more aware that either gender can be the perpetrator or the victim, they will have the means to support each other in dealing with such a horrible act.

  • Yes they can

    Despite that its uncommon and most times go unreported (for obvious reasons), men can still be raped by women. The whole idea behind rape is that someone is being forced to have sex against their will. The problem is that people falsely assume that guys always want & enjoy sex however, whenever and that its impossible for a man to be erect if he didn't consent. However, both positions are false as a man can get erect even in a state of sleep as it comes as a natural hormonal response, just as its possible to have an orgasm during rape. Its not about whether or not you enjoyed it but rather whether one consented to the act.

  • Rape is about Consent.

    If a man does not consent to having sex with a women, regardless of her age or whether other men find her attractive, he was raped. Especially if a woman needs a weapon to continue with this rape, because it is rape, it is most certainly a sexual assault. Without consent, it's rape, simple.

  • Men can be raped women

    The National Crime Victimization Survey asked 40,000 households about rape, and found that 38% of incidents were against men, and 48% of their perpetrators were female. Often, men do not report because they won't be believed or they will be made fun of by others. People think that men cannot be raped because they are stronger than women and can defend themselves, or that you need to be aroused in order for an act to occur, and if they aroused, "they wanted it". Women too get aroused when they get raped, that doesn't mean they wanted it. Also, the definition of rape changed to include female-on-male rape. Previously, the FBI defined rape as something men do to women, but that has changed.

    I am female and I was raped by both genders. Rape is a very traumatizing act so I would never laugh at a man who was raped. Anyone who laughs at ANYONE who is being raped is a coward.

  • There are stories

    This especially becomes a concern where gender identity and gender roles are in question. People in these scenarios are very easily misunderstood and often their internal wishes are negated because potential partners have difficulty appraising them or responding to them appropriately. Granted that's a different subject worthy of its own deep investigation, but I think it sets a good intention for examining this subject as well: understand what gender roles mean, regardless of physiological sex, and how they can be exploited. With men, I find that not only can a man be raped physically while intoxicated, but he is probably even more susceptible to emotional rape, or emotional leverage, or being placed in positions of vulnerability because he is expected to fulfill his gender role regardless of his individual feelings.

  • No, a woman can not rape a man if rape is defined as unwanted penetration.

    As a man, I do not believe that an erection can be achieved under duress or trauma. Sure, nocturnal erections occur frequently, but would certainly dissipate quickly when under duress. If the desire and willingness to participate in a sexual situation changes under a forced situation, it is no longer rape, but now becomes consensual.

  • Im a rape victim.

    I was raped by a girl while i was sleeping, she could have given me a disease. I had a girlfriend at the time so i could have had problems with that if she found out.
    No a women can't rape a man I was disgusted by it although I would rather be raped by a women than a man It was still bad

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