• Absolutely they can

    A transgendered man can get pregnant if they have the right body parts. Since gender is a social construct instead of a biological construct and your gender isn’t determined by your private parts men can definitely become pregnant and have babies. Not everything is only boiled down to biology or body parts

  • No, They can't

    Biologically, No. Men were not created to get pregnant, And if somehow one did, Their penis would explode during the pregnancy, The hole is simply too small. Literally. Women were made to give birth, Biologically, As they have every correct body part for delivering. A man can impregnate someone, But they cannot give birth, It goes against the laws of nature and science as a whole. Also, I'm not transphobic, But a trans woman (woman becomes man) cannot menstruate (have a period, Which is the occuring spill of the uterus walls) or deliver a child. However, I'm not sure if it's true, But if a man undergoes surgery to become a woman, Then it may be possible, But not through natural means. Receiving the surgery will make you appear the opposite gender, But you will always biologically be what you were born as, Its how the world works. Also, Even if a man got the surgery to have breasts and a vagina, Who says it will work like one? They still won't menstruate, And if they did started releasing blood, Then they probably have a tear in their surgically made uterus, Which is fatal. To get impregnated after receiving this surgery, You'll have to undergo more surgery to make it happen, Intercourse won't get you pregnant (hey, That's a win to me, No demon children if you forget protection). I hope no one sees me as transphobic for this, As i'm not against the lgbt community at all, My opinions are based on scientific facts, Not what some people believe.

  • I wish debate. Org added an in between side to opinions.

    I really wish debate. Org added a neutral side to opinions so people that are in between and can't say a full yes or full no could hang out. I would hang out on the neutral side if I could but since I can't, I just have to say a normal everyday male that has a male body and male mindset shouldn't get pregnant. I could see a transgender male getting pregnant but a normal everyday straight male with male body and mind, That is a bit of a struggle.

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