Can mental illness be passed from one person to the next like a communicable disease?

  • Placebo and trauma.

    I believe it can be spread through a long period of time, or making the person believe they have making the effects there and then making it permanent.
    Also people can MAKE each other have a mental illness by intense trauma. In a way spreading it, though of course this doesn't mean it will happen, if you disagree, good because you can tell me why you disagree and i can think more of this.

  • Mental illness can be passed from one person to the next like a communicable disease.

    It has been shown that some communicable diseases spread by pathogens can cause symptoms of mental illness. The physiological causes for these disease are contagious. Diseases like Mad Cow or Syphilis have been known to cause mental illness in humans. People with these diseases should be careful not to spread them to others.

  • In some cases possibly

    Say your parents were mentally ill and abusive and they abused you that might lead you to be mentally ill too. So in some cases it can be passed from person to person, but it may not be the same illness passing and it isn't always going to pass like that.

  • Its not a disease

    Mental illness is not a disease - at least in the germ-theory of disease: being caused by small microorganisms (ie: bacteria or viruses). Mental illness is, however, quite real, quite serious, and confined to its bearer (unless, of course, his actions help drive the effects on to others, in which case it does indirectly).

  • No they can't

    Mental illnesses are not communicable diseases, they are neurological disorders. There is a vast field of difference between the two, and to even suggest mental illness can be contagious is quite simply laughable. It's time people stop fearing the mentally ill and we as a society need to start helping them.

  • It cannot happen

    With a mental illness myself, I am fully aware that it cannot pass through word of mouth, coughing, sneezing or touching. A mental illness is where your brain is sick instead of your body, and there is no way to pass an illness from brain to brain. Some people may disagree with me, but I have a valid point.

  • Dear MasturDbtor, you are wrong.

    The question is asking if it can be passed to others like a communicable disease, i.e. coughing, sneezing, touching, etc. So think about this scenario: "Oh my god! He touched me! I'm going to get Alzheimer's!"
    Mental illness only occurs due to extreme mental or physical stress, a traumatic experience, or it is hereditary. Thank you.

  • Mental illness can not be passed from one person to the next like a communicable disease.

    Mental illness can not be passed from one person to the next like a communicable disease. There is no way for a mental illness to be passed from human to human. You can not get mental illness from another person through the air, kissing, or any body contact. Mental illness is only in the mind.

  • No it can't.

    Mental illnes can not be passed off from one person to the next like certain diseases can. It is something that is wrong in their brain that did not get wired in properly to be figurative, it is not that they caught something it is that they have damage somewhere.

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