• To A Degree

    I believe Mia Farrow can be trusted to a degree. I believe there lies a slight possibility that she may have coached Dylan Farrow into bringing up sexual abuse charges against Woody Allen but that more than likely an action created by a bad situation, if it happened at all.

  • Yes, Mia Farrow should be trusted.

    Yes, Mia Farrow should be trusted. There is no reason why she shouldn't be. She has been a tireless crusader with UNICEF for human rights around the globe, and has taken action against some of the most violent regimes in modern history. She has done her best to change the world in a positive way.

  • Yes, Mia Farrow can be trusted.

    I definitely think that Mia Farrow can be trusted. While she may seem a little weird and out of balance by some people, I think that she is somebody that can be trusted. I think that unless there is proof that shows that she has a bad habit of lying in the past, people should be able to trust her.

  • She just wants attention.

    No, Mia Farrow cannot be trusted, because she only wants attention for her advocacy. She is only involved in UNICEF because it makes her look good. She is doing this because she is older but she needs a way to stay in the public eye. It is unlikely that her work is sincere.

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