• Pull themselves up.

    Yes, minimum wage jobs can help the homeless end personal poverty, because a person can do pretty well on minimum wage. With minimum wage, a person can earn life experience. The person can learn skills which will help them earn even more. They will also have their dignity. With minimum wage, you can afford a place to live and basic food.

  • A Foothold is a Good Idea

    For a homeless person reduced to begging for spare change, even a minimum wage job could be a huge transitional factor that could help them transition back into mainstream society. For an example of this, see the many "Street Newspaper" organizations that let the homeless sell copies of the paper and keep a percentage of the proceeds. This has helped them climb up out of poverty.

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  • Minimum wage won't end poverty, but it will help

    Raising the minimum wage is an important first step in fighting poverty. It is just not right that people can work full time jobs and still live below the federal poverty line. Unfortunately, this step alone will not end poverty because there are many people such as the elderly or the disabled who are unable to work. There are other people who are just unable to find jobs that would not be helped by a minimum wage increase.

  • Minimum wage jobs will not help end personal poverty.

    Minimum wage as it currently is, is not a wage that a person can use to support themselves. It does not even cover the most basic of necessities. Most people working minimum wage jobs have to be on some sort of government program, such as food stamps, to make ends meet.

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