Can Mitt Romney be a viable presidential candidate in 2016?

  • Mitt Mitt Mitt

    Romney won't be able to resist jumping into a winnable election and win he will. He is biding his time, looking carefully at the calendar and probably already has his entry all planned out, right down to the day. Just wait folks, you will see Mitt in this race soon enough.

  • Romney has a chance because he was well supported in 2012.

    Romney has a chance at being a presidential candidate in 2016 because of his popularity in 2012. Obama's second term is not without problems, and people will probably desire a change after his presidency is finished. Romney has the background, the celebrity status, and the resources to make another run at the presidency.

  • Mitt Romney is not a viable candidate in 2016.

    Several factors are working against Mitt Romney being a viable presidential candidate in 2016. His defeat in 2012 leaves a negative impression for many potential voters in 2016. His age is also a factor against him. There are younger, more appealing possible Republican presidential candidates currently in the Republican Party.

  • No, Mitt Romney has already been cast out by the people.

    Mitt Romney was already found wanting by the American public during the last presidential election, which stands as proof that the public does not want him as a president. The Republican party needs to find a more progressive candidate, such as one who supports the rights of women and the GLBT community, in order to win the election.

  • Republicans must find a candidate with whom people can better associate.

    Voters had difficulty identifying with Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign be cause he was seen as smug and out of touch with many of the issues that were at the forefront of concerns for the majority of Americans. Furthermore, he was caught making very condescending remarks about Americans who are not wealthy. It is not likely that voters will forget this detachment and arrogance enough to make him a viable presidential candidate in 2016.

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