• Yes it can but can also bring dangers

    Yes money can buy happiness but it can also bring dangers.Yes because you can still have your original friends and go it retirement or quit so you can hangout more and buy stuff to hangout with like yachts,boats, and some snowboards.But it can also have some people hate because of this and this makes it very dangerous

  • Money cannot buy happiness, right?

    It is one of the most heavily disputed questions of all time. In my opinion it isn’t really true.
    For poor people, money can make them feel happier because when they have money, they will not be hungry, their children will go to school, their disease can be cured, they can enjoy a life without having to worry about cash and their life will be improved.
    For some rich people, I think money cannot bring them true happiness because money cannot buy time. Although they can give their children whatever children like, they are always busy and do not have much time with their family. This makes the distance between them and their children.
    Money will buy we many things, but the happiness from it is only limited. Money will buy you a beautiful bed, books, houses, cars, helicopters, position, medicine. What it won't buy you is sleep, time, knowledge, respect, health, or life. So if we know how to use it properly, it is the key to our happiness.

  • Money is to enjoy

    We are having a lot of money in our hand then their is nothing which can stop us to be happy a person like AMBANI how is he unhappy a person having money has APPLE I PHONE 6+, PSP4,and so on so i just want to say money is everything

  • Yes Most of the Time

    I think that money can't buy happiness, but it can definitely help in many situations. Because it is so helpful in many aspects of life, it can bring about happiness. So I agree that it can bring happiness, I just don't think that money can buy happiness and some situations. It is all what you make of it. Having money takes away stress though, which relieves many people of unhappy times.

  • Money can bring happiness.

    I hate when people say that money can't buy happiness. What it buys is the opportunity for happiness. If I were rich I would have more time to focus on my friends, family, and passions rather than worrying about grinding for the next dollar in order to eat for the week or pay rent.

  • No,money can not bring happiness

    Because if I were to be a farmer,I would be happy because I don't need to pay for anything. I'd have all I need and want.Or if I loved somebody, I couldn't buy it, I'd have to earn it. Money is just a way to sort our society in which we all have that responsibility of controlling how much we have and how to balance our needs with our wants.

  • Money can't bring happiness.

    Money itself does not bring happiness. When someone has money they are not happy because they have a shiny coin or paper dollar in their hand. They are happy because of what that money buys. Whether it is material goods or security it is buying, it doesn't matter. It is what the money does that makes someone happy.

  • Money Is The Root Of Evil

    Money is the root of evil and it does not bring happiness. People are capable of creating their own happiness, regardless of their financial situation. Buying things may seem to make you happy, but in the end, you lose the zeal you had for the product and the happiness is gone.

  • No, money can't bring happiness.

    Money can't bring happiness, but it can to a degree. I have read that researchers currently believe that if you're poor, money can bring a degree of happiness, because there will be less to worry about with financial issues. However, at a certain point, this tapers off, so that the rich are not generally happier than the middle class population, for example. So I don't think it can bring happiness, but it can at least allow some peace of mind.

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  • Money CANNOT Bring Happiness

    Money cannot bring happiness, but the lack or loss of it, can bring much stress, and this is what many define as unhappiness. They are two different things. Most people do not spend time understanding their relationship with money . It is complicated and it a barometer of sorts that measures individual values, etc. That said, the only way happiness can be achieved is through self.

  • Money can bring happiness

    Many can buy happiness. Now to todays society, the main goal in life is to get money and thats how people are. Money is the way we differ between and high social class and the poor. Giving money to the poor will be the best thing you will do. Spending the money right rather then buying stupid stuff won't buy you anything but greed. My conclusion is: if you spend money right, you won't bring happiness to only you, but to others around you.

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anonymous31 says2014-04-02T21:01:21.680
ASK the wealthy people to become poor & ask the Poor people to become wealthy. What do you think their answer will be?