• Yes, Money Can Stimulate Growth

    Money can buy a country's growth by injecting some much needed capital into a stalling or falling economy. This money will encourage businesses to form and stimulate ideas and growth. Money can also help a country grow by providing funds to build infrastructure like roads, trains, and bridges. These kinds of developments usually also help stimulate local economies.

  • Money is key to a country's economic growth

    Yes, money is perhaps the most important factor when determining future economic success. The necessary capital to fund public works projects, infrastructure spending, and education are vital for growth.

    Throughout history the richest nations have been the most successful. It is difficult to see how a country can support its people without the necessary amount of dollars.

  • Money Cannot Buy a Country's Growth

    One might be able to use money to help begin a country's growth but I fear it would not hold up for long. In the end I believe things would begin to fold. If one is of religious belief they would realize that "money is the root of all evil".

  • Using money to "buy" a country's growth is like building a house on a quicksand pit.

    Any "growth" seen is only temporary and resembles more of an illusion than any actual growth. A country can only grow if there are sufficient resources to enable it to do so. A country that maximizes the use of their natural resources can create and expand many industries resulting in growth over time.

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