• Specifically, There is nothing like an absolute yes or an absolute no when money is concerned as the vital source of buying freedom.

    It depends on what freedom means to you. Many people feel the sense of freedom by working on their passion, Money can certainly give you such freedom. In a large sense, Money can give you the freedom to make choices based on your passion instead of compromising of your fear of not having enough. In this sense, Yes, Money can definitely buy your freedom.

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  • I believe so

    Money gives you the ability to no longer have to work for someone, thus giving you freedom over your time, and a life on your own terms. You can do what you want, when you want to. Your life belongs to you. Thus you're free, in my opinion . .

  • Money can't buy everything

    It is true that money can buy many things. A home, servant, friends, cars, and a wife/husband. But the only reason why you have such things is because you have the money. Let's say you buy yourself a friend. Your "friend" doesn't really care about. He/she never did and probably never will. He/she only cares about getting paid. But once its gone, you have nothing.

  • Humans are enslaved to money!

    Money enslaves humans. If money enslaves humans, then how can money buy freedom? The answer is money can't be freedom. Money has absolutely no intrinsic value. If you asked money to provide you with your basic needs, it will fail. Money can't build you house. Money can't make you food. Money can't make you water. Finally money can't make you oxygen. The fact that humans give money more valuable than the necessities that keep humans alive is just pitiful! Money needs to be eliminated as soon as possible because money is a huge problem for humanity. Most importantly, money distorts the idea of free! The fact that a human needs money to buy something just indicates that you are not free. Then humans are also the only organisms that die from a lack of money. That to me is absolutely stupid. Also, money can't buy you respect. Money can't buy you sleep. Money can't buy you wisdom. Money can't buy you knowledge. Money can't buy you time. Money can't buy you life. Money can't buy you health. Money can't buy you happiness. Money can't buy you honesty. Money can't buy you love. Then, there are also many other things money can't buy, but I won't list them. In the end, money can't buy freedom and money is an extremely pointless object that needs to be abolished quickly!

  • No, of course not.

    We just can buy things not needs. And we will have our freedom, if all our needs have been fulfilled. It doesn't mean that we will feel happy if we have money, if we are rich. It is about the fulfilled of our needs. A lot of rich people will feel like being soak in troubles. They have to make sure that their money is safe. That will make them feel uneasy think all about that and make them feel like living in the hell. For your information, money can buy house not home, money can buy bed not sleep, money can buy clock not time, money can buy book not knowledge, money can buy position not respect, money can buy medicine not health, money can buy blood not life, money can't buy manners, morals or character, money can't even buy patience, trust integrity or common sense.

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