• Money can buy happiness

    So i would say that A person who can buy a 12 acre villa, 10 exotic + Luxury cars worth billions + has a fully loaded bank account can easily buy happiness, when we wont need anything further, there's nothing which he cant buy, why cant he be happy..? So afterall, ill say, Money buys happiness.


    There is nothing money cant do or buy. For those who will argue it cant buy love that is incorrect. You take her on vacations buy her flowers take her out to eat. Everything cost money if you think about it you always have to pay for love even laying at home in bed watching tv. You got rent cable bill take out food or buy from the store. Nothing is free the more money the happier you are because it allows you to live more comfortable

  • Money itself can't buy happiness

    I believe money itself cannot really buy happiness. But one can buy things that brings happiness. For example, one can afford expensive medicine bills to keep their loved ones from dying from a curable but expensive disease. One can enjoy a life without having to worry about cash shortage. Of course money itself cannot buy you true love and people can very well be happy being poor. But the point here is monetary affluence opens up more doors leading to happiness. Wouldn't you be happier with your loved ones on first class, heading to tropical island for vacation? Wouldn't you be happier to express your love with an expensive diamond? Money is one of things that contribute in the process of being happy though it is not a MUST item. So yes. Money can "buy," indirectly though, happiness.

  • Time is money

    Buy experiences. The brain doesn't adapt as successfully to experiences. While things may wear out their welcome, experiences can provide increasing benefits over time. A memorable trip takes on even more luster with the passage of time. Even an unpleasant adventure may produce stories that grow in value as the years pass.

  • It doesn't if you're tasteless.

    If you are a functional human being, and you have a hobby (or a few hobbies), you need a way to support them. Hobbies are past-times of people, a way to have fun. If you have money to support them (and more) you can advance your hobby and eventually afford to have any kind of fun you want. Well in real life "happiness" is just a word, that is an emotion. You have to ask yourself what makes you happy? For some people it might be a video game, for some it might be a bottle of exquisite whiskey, for some it might be a Lamborghini or a Bugatti. Money can't directly buy happiness, but it's the fastest way to it if you have any kind of creativity.

  • Yes it can

    “Money can help us stay close to other people, which is perhaps the key to happiness,” writes Gretchen Rubin in her best-selling book, Happier at Home. We say that money can’t buy happiness--but if it can buy almost every one of the things that make a person feel better: security, education, health care, housing, therapy, opportunities for your children and so on.

  • Money helps you live with respect

    The people who are poor are often disrespected in the society. They need to ask others for money, which indeed does not make a person happy. When you have money, you do not need to go and beg for money, you can still live in the society with respect, in your own house which gives you a lot of satisfaction. I have realized that life changes a lot when you have money, because you are not dependent on anyone else... You can live life like a lion.

  • Money and happiness

    In reality money is what brings the happiness. Lots of people are saying that money can't bring happiness because you will have fake friends and fake lives or whatever, if you have friends before you get rich or hit the lotto would they then be considered as fake friends? I don't think so, and why would anyone be naive enough to fall for a fake friend and not notice. Some say the love and happiness will be fake but so what? That person is still happy right? I'm sure no one will be happy living in a dump or the streets. Take a homeless person for example, do you guys think they are happy where they are at? No food and no shelter and no where to go. Lots of people say rich people have a bad rep, there are millions of rich people and I'm very certain at least one of them don't. Wouldn't you want to get all you're loved ones the things they desire and see them happy? Wouldn't you want to get you're son or daughter a nice car or get you're daughter or girlfriend a beautiful dress? Yes those are all just luxuries that fulfills ones desire. To obtain happiness is to obtain ones desire. There are many wealthy people that have died happy, everyone just looks at the ones that didn't. Money "CAN" buy happiness.

  • Not Only Makes You Happy

    By having all that money, you can give to charity often. With all the money you're giving, you're making others happy as well AND feeling better about yourself. You don't have to just give to charity, you can give money to shelters and food drives. You don't just have to donate to those around you, traveling will also get you to places around the world that are less privileged and to help out there too.

  • Money in life realistically

    Ok first of all lets all be real here, it seems what everyone thinks is that money is just used to buy materialistic items or possessions. Clearly it's not all about possessions or materials, come on guys if you have money you can do many other things with it. You can help the poor, you can take your loved one or family on wonderful vacations or help save people from dying by donating money or whatever. Lets use an example here, this wont apply to everyone but its an example. So what if you're parents came from another country and before they die they've always wanted to visit their home country or visit a beautiful place before they pass, wouldn't it make you happy to grant that wish for them? It would wouldn't it? Lets use another example. Another reason why people probably say money doesn't buy happiness is because they see some celebrities having it bad through the media. Lets be real here, celebrities are people too they all don't have perfect lives just because they are wealthy and besides the media always make celebrities situation sound worse than it really is. To me I always see the media exposing all the bad situations that celebrities are in, they never show any of the good that they do do they? The media and magazines always show celebrities getting fat or divorces and drug uses. Money doesn't have to be used to buy materials or priceless possessions, you can use it for other things that MATTER MOST TO YOU.

  • Money does not buy happiness, it brings it. The term doesn't mean it literally buys happiness. It means it buys things that make you happy.

    Money will buy you many things, but the happiness from it is only limited. Money will buy you a bed, clock, book, position, medicine, blood. What it won't buy you is sleep, time, knowledge, respect, health, or life. The things you really need to live a full life of lasting happiness. There's down sides to just about everything. There is no such thing as happily ever after because this is life. There is however, happiness that is when most of the time you are happy feeling complete. Reason being you have so much with help of money and without. Money is a basic need in life to pay for our basic everyday necessities and sometimes more. Buy you things you see liking to that serve a short time happiness.What is it if you have nobody to share it with. Giving money to charity is not saying money buys happiness because the happy feeling you get is knowing you help poor. Seeing them smile not for the money, but to a knew beginning on way for them. Money don't make you happy, the things it will buy you makes you happy. And remember that that happiness is only limited because it pays for a moment not a lifetime. So you see, money can not buy happiness... .. .

  • Happiness is a feeling not a thing

    You can buy things that make you happy but you can not go down to the local store and buy a bottle of happiness for $2.99, then drink it and become instantly happy. You cant buy love, disgust, hate or anger so why should you be able to buy happiness?

  • Of course not.

    Overgeneralization fallacy.
    Continuing reading the article, the reader finds the author presenting his experience with his wife build conclusions on it. Using personal experience and generalizing what it resulted in, is quite not right. That may considered anecdotal fallacy.
    "Money symbolizes security and happiness." (Frankle.N, 2013). This statement would engage the reader at first sight. That's a very debatable argument. Can money buy hap

  • Happiness has no price tag

    It seems that the more money a person has the more unhappy they are. If they would be honest with themselves. Take celebrities for instance, they have everything the "heart" can wish for, but many of them have torn-families, scandalous lifestyles and are blatantly unhappy. If money could buy happiness, then none of the above would exists among celebrities. I agree that money does offer a means to make people happy, but true happiness runs deeper than the possessions. When you can see poor people huddled together to keep warm and sharing what little they have to survive, that's love, which brings about happiness. Their situation doesn't make them happy and money would make it better, but the root of their happiness stems from love. On the flip side, if you have a wealthy family who can't get along, where is their happiness? The money's there but where's the love? The same place their happiness is ... out the door ... while their money sits in the bank.

  • Is money everything?

    Money ca just buy things but not happiness.If a person is dead can we bring him back by money?Feelings emotions can these things be bought by money?But in today life for people money is everything.They don't know that there are many things bigger than money...Our morals values these are bigger than money..It is said that money is a good servant an a bad master too...

  • Money cant make god happy

    As we all know religion plays a big role in our lives and it provides our heart with lots of strength and Allah provides all of that strength because we believe in him, and that what pleases him. And therefore money cannot buy the love of Allah and his placements.

  • We must change the comparison phrase: Happiness to Pleasure. Now it makes sense

    Money certainly does, buy "happy" feeling. But that is ultimately different from "happiness."
    It should really be phrased as "Can money buy pleasure?" Then yes, it does. Everyone did a pretty good job on explaining this.
    However, when faced with the question "Can money buy happiness?" Then no, it does not.
    Pleasure is about oneself, eating a chocolate cake, for example. Happiness is about the others, sharing a cake.
    Pleasure is short living and one term. Happiness is enduring and lasts for multiple terms.
    You can buy a cake to eat, but can't buy sharing a cake.

    So faced with this question "Can money buy happiness?" The answer is no. It simply can't

  • Happiness has not price tag.

    It seems that the more money a person has, the more unhappy they are. For example celebrities, they have everything the 'heart' can wish for, but many of them are unhappy. What if you have no family, can money buy you that???
    With the money you can buy material happiness for limited time.

  • Money is not everything..

    Money is not everything,why? Because if it brings in our life so why people are going to die if money is everything or it can buy every thing so it can also buy LIFE ,but it cann't .Althoug it is necessary for fulfill our needs but if is considered as every thing,so it is simply wrong...

  • Money can't buy you happiness

    It may be able to buy you the things you most desire in life but it does not buy you happiness. You could be the wealthiest person on earth and still be miserable. Happiness is not something you can just go by somewhere, it's something you have to truly feel. Whether it be having materialist possessions or not. And if you're the type of person that needs material items to make you happy, you may want to reconsider the type of person you are.

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Anonymous says2013-05-10T10:08:23.937
1. Too much wealth leads to disaster. Murder or kidnapping might occur when big money is involved.
2. There is a marked reluctance among people to work long hours for money.
Many people desire to have a rich and interesting life is thwarted by their quest for money.
3. Money corrupts. The more money you have, the more you want.
4. Success and wealth often earn you envy and even hostility, which ruins good human relationships.
5. Some young people reject materialistic values. They are motivated by their interest in work.
6. Some people think it is vulgar to be always after money. They give away their money to less fortunate people.
7. Some devoted teachers consider teaching a noble career and are not demoralized by their low salaries.
8. There is now a return of interest in the humanities, which arouse people's academic interest.
Money is obviously not the sole interest to these people.
9. There exist many volunteer organizations, such as neighborhood communities in China, people involved in work without a reward.
10. What scientists and engineers want is often better conditions or work rather than more money.
11. The love of money is the root of all evil.
12. Some Chinese officials are corrupted by the love of money and the power it brings.
13. Wealth often brings out the worst in people.
14. Wealthy people are not always the happiest.
15. When you are rich it is hard to tell who is your real friend.
16. Many people try to kidnap and steal from the wealthy.
17. You must spend a lot of time to protect your wealth.
18. The wealthy spend too much time trying to get wealthier.
19. With much wealth simple things lose their pleasure.
20. The pursuit of money causes some to neglect their children.
anonymous31 says2014-04-02T21:06:33.970
ASK the wealthy people if they want to become poor & ask the Poor people if they want to become wealthy. What do you think their answer will be?