• Money can only buy temporary happiness

    Despite, money being an important factor in wellbeing and happiness, money cannot buy everything. Money cannot expand your life expectancy, memories, health nor can it bring someone from the dead. Money can only buy items and services such as cars, housing or clothing. However, these can only last for a certain amount of time. If you have money, but no family or loved ones, how can you be happy?Those that already have money long to earn more money, therefore, they will never be satisfied with what they have, and therefore aren’t necessarily happy.

  • Money buys happiness.

    Indeed, you cannot go to the store, black market or any place you buy or trade things to buy straight up "happiness". The only situation where you could technically "buy" happiness, is if spending money, donating it or just plain loosing it makes you happy.

    Now that definitely applies to very few or even none of us, money only buys things that can make us happy, or if having money makes you happy. In reality, you have to choose to be happy, whether it's a conscious or subconscious choice, you cannot be forced or force yourself to be happy.
    Money can come and go in many different forms, whether its an object of value you find, or find spare change or bills somewhere, or buying something, then selling it for a higher price to someone else. These are only some of the forms money takes. What you do with it decides whether you are or are not happy.
    If your family is the owner of a multi million yielding company, and they spend it all on a mansion, life finances, toys, video games, jewelry decorations or just stockpiling it and whatnot. You are less likely to experience the happiness we all seek, because there is the threat of those who need or want money, they see you have allot of it in excess and nonessential possessions, they will try to take it from you.
    Sharing wealth through charity, founding libraries, parks, public buildings and other positive things for those around you that money buys does not immediately feel great, but you may or may not notice the happiness that most rich people don't get now, its the happiness that you've helped other people.
    Money can buy happiness, you just have to buy the right kind of happiness, because some happiness looks good, but wont last long, or give you what you want.

  • Money can buy hapiness after all.

    Money can buy happiness after all. Think about it. Would it not be nice to have thousands laying around in a bank account for a rainy day? I have been poor and struggled most of my life and there was times when I just wanted something to eat. I can tell you at that moment if I had money I would have eaten and been more happy than I was. Money gives us a boost of confidence which in turn gives us some happiness.

  • Money Buys Stuff to Make You Comfortable

    Money buys a lot of things like food, clothing, and housing. When someone has money and doesn't need to work because everything is paid for, humans can be happy because people with money have the freedom to do what they want to in life. With freedom comes happiness and the full enjoyment of doing whatever one wants to, which is the ultimate expression of true happiness.

  • In some cases yes.

    Money can buy you security as well as financial viability. However, it can't really buy you a family or self confidence or other things. However, there are a lot of people who are only unhappy because they are in dire straights. Those people could buy being happy with more money.

  • Not directly, but in a way.

    You can be very happy without any money if you have the right mindset. That being said, having money can buy you things that make it easier to be happy, or even things that make it easier for you to cultivate the right mindset to be happy if you don't already possess it.

  • Money can buy happiness.

    It is possible for money to buy happiness, and I can prove
    it. Simply ask any poor homeless person
    if it would make them happy if you gave them some money, and I bet you that
    they will say yes with no hesitation. In
    today’s economy, money can buy anything.

  • Money cannot buy happiness after all.

    Although people who are poor are rarely happy, money cannot buy happiness. Many people who win the lottery and suddenly become rich are not happy in the end. If you do not have good relationships with your family and friends, no amount of money will be able to make you happy.

  • Money only buys short-term happiness

    This is a probably a question that gets tossed around a lot year after year. I think money can give most people what they want, as far as things go, but do I think money can buy permanent happiness? Of course not. Happiness is something a person needs to get on their own from life experiences.

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anonymous31 says2014-04-02T21:03:24.747
ASK the wealthy people if they want to become poor & ask the Poor people if they want to become wealthy. What do you think their answer will be?