• To an extent.

    Money is a useful tool. There are many things that can help to achieve happiness, and most of them cost money. Once you decide what will make you happy, think about the resources you will need to obtain that goal. Money will buy those resources, and then the resources can be used to be happy.

  • Money can buy happiness

    Money can buy me food, food keeps me from starving, not starving makes me happy. Therefore, technically, money CAN buy happiness. If you give a waiter a good tip, it will make them happy. If you buy your son an Xbox for Christmas, he will be happy. If someone bought me a corvette, you bet I'm going to love that person. May not fall in love with them, but I will love them.

    Posted by: tc22
  • Of course it can.

    In limited amounts money can buy happiness. Thank of Maslow hierarchy of needs. If you don’t have the basic thing needed in life, how can you be happy? I am talking about having adequate shelter, food, and safety. Of course without these things you can be intermittently happy but overall you will be unhappy.

    Shelter, food and safety cost money. Who is more happy, a man living in a the streets, sleeping on a cardboard box and wondering how he is going to get across town to the soup kitchen before it closes, or a poor man, living in section 8 housing, eating food purchased with an EBT card. It has to be the second man. Although he does not have everything that he would want to have, he has the basic needs. This then gives him the freedom to do things to get a better life (for example a job). The first man cannot even concern himself with finding a job since we does not know where his next meal is coming from. His whole existence has to revolve around his basic needs.

    So yes money can buy happiness, up to a certain point. Once your basic needs are and personal safety secured, more money does not necessary mean more happiness. In fact it is often the opposite. If you have tons of money, then most of your time might well be spent on keeping it.

    So my argument is this, money is needed for everything and you cannot be truly happy if your basic needs are not met. Therefore, money used to secure your safety and physiological wellbeing is also funding your happiness. Once those needs are met, additional money is nice but it won’t make you happier.

  • Makes others happy.

    While you may not be able to buy literal happiness, no matter the wealth, you can achieve personal happiness by helping those around you. Imagine the look on the person's face when they find out you've helped pay off a house, this is one of many reasons as to how money can 'buy' happiness.

  • My English Speech

    I'm doing an English speech on the connection between money and happiness. Although the opposing side states things such as "a new car makes me happy" or "eating makes me happy" we are talking more about TRUE happiness, not short-term or limited happiness. The only things that can give you REAL and AUTHENTIC happiness is friends, family, experience and memories.

  • Money cannot by happiness or even love

    Because money material things while love and happiness are emotional things Valuable for human than money if you live love in your life you will be fine so you will be happy because you love yourself and the people around you and you love each other so they will take care of you because they are love you not because you have a lot of money what important your health is good or you have money but your health is bad

  • Money cant bring happiness

    Money is just used for buying things in need not to buy happiness.But for some poor need at least some money for food .Ieven agree in that state,but it will not bring happiness . The only way to bring happiness is to find happiness without money.I think that money is just a mechanism tool.

  • No, but it can help.

    Money can definitely help to work towards happiness and it is certainly true if you feel you don't have another money you can be unhappy. However I don't think money can buy happiness because there are other reasons that you are unhappy e.g. loneliness, loss etc. that can not be fixed by money. Likewise money may help to find love but can not buy it because it is not guaranteed.

  • Money can not buy Happiness/Love.

    What is Money? It is a mechanism to transfer goods and services in exchange of similar goods and services. These goods and services are external in nature. But happiness and love are inner in nature and they can not be transferred by something which is itself not love or happiness. We can get love by loving and attain happiness by spreading happiness. Money is just a tool or a mechanism which are not meant to attain internal emotions and feelings. They can provide poor substitutes which are temporary in nature. But inner happiness and feeling of love are something more permanent and can be considered as ever lasting.

  • I have some personal experience

    In first world countries, generally people are happier with more money up to 50,000 dollars, after that happiness stops increasing. However I believe that the reason for that is that the media keeps telling us that we need more wealth and objects and whatever else. The reason I think that is because of when I went to Rosarito, a small town in Mexico near Tijuana. The people there were far more poor than the people considered poor in Canada and America, and yet the majority of them were far, far happier than even the people considered rich in first world countries. I think that it is because they do not worry so much about how much money they have, and they instead focus on what really matters, love, friendship, their religion, and other non-hedonistic matters.

  • Mojang the gaming company

    WE all know that mojang sold minecraft to microsoft for 3 billion dollars but do we know how notch is doing i read a news aretile titled notch wishes he wasnt rich as he is. Notch isnt married and his girlfriend ditched him because of the quote" your too rich and abnormal".

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