• What do you have without money?

    Money is very, very important. Have you ever traveled without spending an insane amount of money for the hotel, flight and or gas, rent for a car, food and other calamities. What about that phone, video game console, or other devises. Are they free. I know I pay 20 bucks a month so I can watch my favorite television shows.

    My point is that money is so important that everything costs money. And without money, you and your family would starve to death, be stuck outside homeless. Heck, you wouldn't be able to buy a cardboard box. What about the food, so you can walk without collapsing due to extreme hunger.?

  • Can Money Buy You Happiness? Sometimes.

    Money can only be temporary if you use it unwisely. Tell two siblings begging on the streets, one older than the other,"Money can't buy you happiness" What does the eldest respond? "I think it does. Because If I had money my brother would have a full stomach, and that would definitely make me happy" Greed isn't good, Is that money's fault? No. You can't blame money for there being greedy, conceded people in the world that's them, that may be their true nature. Is money more important than love? No. Does that make money unimportant or bad? Course not.

  • Not literally though

    Although I do not think money can physically buy happiness, it can make people happier. I know if I had more money and did not struggle with bills every day I would certainly be a lot happier and a lot less stressed. Everyone with money isn't happy, but in certain situations it can certainly help.

  • Money can buy you anything.

    Except in cases of depression that doesn't respond to treatments and medications that money can buy, money can almost always buy someone things that they want that will make them happy. It can also buy life experiences which seem more fulfilling than material items. The happiness may be empty and temporary, but it will bring them joy for a period of time.

  • Yes, Money can buy happiness.

    Definitely poverty cannot buy happiness. But happiness is based on good health, security in a good living area with a nice if modest home and enough food to eat. Happiness is a job that pays a good rate for the work done. I feel that the statement, "Money can't buy happiness" was created by people who had money and did not want those who had none to hate them and envy them. The only time money buys misery is when it is lost.

  • Money Cannot Buy Happiness

    Money cannot buy you happiness. Being financially stable and not wanting anything can promote a feeling of security, but it is not likely to promote feelings of satisfaction. Some of the best times of my life were when I had little money, like when I was in graduate school. During the first year of my career, when I was receiving salaried pay days, and student loans kicked in, I was not very happy at all. I have also had moments where I've had a surplus of money. This was spent and didn't last, and I wasn't any happier. Love, experiences, friendships, and successes are things which enhance the happiness in life, not money.

  • Money cannot buy you happiness.

    Money cannot buy you happiness. However, money can buy you comfort. It would be nice to have a nice little nest egg laying around for those rainy days. I think if you have money your self confidence in yourself goes up and therefore you are a little bit happier. I think money does not directly buy happiness however.

  • No, money can't buy happiness.

    Money can't really buy happiness, because people who have a lot of money can still be unhappy. It's more a matter of what is done with the money, and how it's used. If it's used to help others and to buy experiential things (such as vacations with family), then it can possibly help someone increase his or her happiness. But, overall, happiness is more dependent on personality traits.

  • Consumerist Would Tell You Otherwise

    Proponents of consumerism and capitalism would love for you to believe that happiness can indeed be purchased. However, no amount of money in the world can buy a person happiness. Happiness is something you create in your mind. Just because you feel a jolt of joy after purchasing an item does not mean it will last, in fact, give it a few days and you'll no longer be happy about your new purchase.

  • Money is the exact opposite of happiness.

    The Declaration of Independence states that "they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness." It says nothing about money.
    Money may buy you a big house, but with a big house comes big house payments. Money can buy you entertainment, like movies and gaming systems, but if you splurge on things like that, you will run out of money, so it is only temporary.
    Another example I would use is my mother. She is living in the basement of my uncles house, with little to nothing moneywise. She has three kids living with her, excluding me. She is always stressed out when it comes to money.
    As I would say, "Happiness is a long jump away, and last time I checked, money isn't a very good bridge."

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