• A Smaller Margin For Struggle

    Mom needs help with the rent or else she'll get evicted, grandma needs a $10,000 surgery or else she'll die, your kids go to an under funded public school where there is drugs, gangs, violence, ect. You live in a ''rough'' neighborhood, and you don't have a car to drive to work in, so you ride the public bus or train with people that are involved in "rough" activities , causing you to fear for your life on a daily basis ALL BECAUSE OF THE ABSENCE OF MONEY. Money can change all of the mentioned problems. You can BUY your mom a house, you can PAY for old grandma's surgery, you can AFFORD to pay tuition, and send your children to a private school, where they are not exposed to negative activities at such a young age, that may alter their actions futuristically. You can BUY a car to get to & from work without having to fear for your life every day because some guy is giving you a cold stare on the train. Money opens many doors, which is why it can buy happiness.

  • Yeah, of course money can buy HAPPINESS!!!!!!!

    Money can buy happiness because you can buy everything you have ever wanted to get and with money you don't need to worry about ,"How you are going to feed your children tonight and what is going to be my next meal and when is it gonna be?" Correct or No?

  • Money can by periods of happiness

    It's a very subjective question, since different things drive different people. There are certain people that could always be happy if they had money. The majority of people though will tire after a time from simply spending money for their own amusement. It tends to drive people to need to find happiness elsewhere.

  • Yes, to some degree money can buy happiness.

    Money can't really buy happiness overall. A very rich person can be discontent. That being said, if used wisely, money can buy experiential things, like trips and time with family, that will add to a person's life experience. Money can also be used to give to good projects, which can help someone feel as if they're doing something useful in the world. So, it can buy happiness to a degree, but only if used wisely.

  • You're darn right it can.

    We've always been told that money can't buy happiness. Well, it may not be able to buy happiness, but I think I'd probably like to test that out by weeping uncontrollably in a Lamborghini. Money, in the real world, gives you control over people, places, and things. And I think that when you get what you want in life, you're always going to be happier.

  • Some of it.

    Money can't really buy you a family and a career that you are happy with, but it can buy you a lot of creature comforts that make your life comfortable and stress free. True there are a lot of people who are happy that don't have money, but they have to worry about basic necessities. Money can make some things happier.

  • Money Can Buy Happiness

    Yes, money actually can buy happiness as money can eliminate the stressers in life that make one unhappy. Having money can allow one to pay bills on time and seek medical attention for nagging problems that someone without money would not be able to seek help for. Thus, money can buy happiness.

  • Money buys the flexibility to be happy

    You can't go to a store and pick happiness up off the shelf. But what you can do is use money to give yourself the time to pursue things that make you enjoy your life. A poor person does not have time to gain culture, where a rich person will have that ability.

  • It's Just Not Possible

    When you're happy, you're not usually rich. And if you are, it could be pure coincidence. Some people find happiness alone. Others find it with their "perfect person." But I don't think anyone could be happy with just a lot of money. It wouldn't make sense, unless they hide a secret family somewhere.

  • Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

    Money doesn't buy happiness but companies would love for you to think that way. Happiness, however, is not born from buying things or having them in your possession. Try helping someone out by carrying a bag or running an errand for them and you'll quickly find that happiness and money are not connected.

  • Happiness? How much is it?

    First we can't buy happiness at all because it doesn't makes sense. However, lets say we can buy our happiness buy watching movie, having a shopping more but then can you buy you family? I think family is a real happiness and when people lose their family there are no happiness.

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