• Yes, of course.

    Monstanos patents it's own GMOs. They created it, so they should have the option to benefit from it. This protects their companies annual income. Farmers have the option to do business with other companies. Monsanto's is protecting their property they created. This makes it so farmers cannot abuse the seeds, by replanting (Which they usually never do anyways) and selling them to other companies.

    If you created a work of art, you would not want people to take it, and use it for their own personal gain.

  • No that is pure evil

    First of all Monsanto did not invent the gene or DNA, they just found a way to break into a cell using a virus to manipulate the genetic code. They are simply hackers. If that's the case, why can't computer hackers break into Monsanto's computers, manipulate all of their files and then claim ownership of Monsanto?

  • Monsanto should not patent nature.

    Monsanto and other large biotechnology companies should not be able to patent parts of nature. It is unethical for a company to have ownership of something that is part of the ecosystem and is the birthright of all citizens of the Earth. The government should limit the kinds of information companies can patent.

  • Nature And Science Are Different

    I do not believe it is possible to patent nature, but when you change nature, its possible to patent the new result. Monsanto is a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed and of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup brand. Genetically engineered seeds should be patented, as far as I'm concerned, because then if there is a problem with the product, everyone will know who to go after. It's a decent was to keep track of GMO's, in my opinion.

  • No, that's absurd

    Monsanto has been guilty of some pretty objectionable things over its time and there's no denying it, but this isn't a thing that is taking place nor is it one anybody should be worrying about because it'd never result in anything. Monsanto cannot do this and they're not going to attempt to.

  • Monsanto cannot patent nature.

    Monsanto cannot patent nature. The last time I checked that you had to invent something for you to be able to call it your own and prevent anyone else from making a profit off your idea. He did not invent nature because I am sure it was around before he was.

  • No they can't.

    The fact that Monsanto is trying to patent certain crops and making farmers pay royalty on those crops every single year is a crime against nature. If you change the genetic make up of a crop, and it effects the retst of the crop, it doesn't mean you can patent it.

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