Can Muhammad Be Depicted Favorably With Other Messengers?

Asked by: peaceseeker
  • Many Muslims Have Approved This Picture.

    Can we all get along peacefully? Please help to distribute this picture for the sake of attaining peace amongst religions. It favorably depicts Muhammad. Many Muslims have viewed it and approved of it.

    The picture shows the messengers of God witnessing the entire history and the evolution of the universe and our varying perceptions of Allah/God; the beginning of physical rational life in the universe and the bonding of the first two souls that was the beginning of a spiritual unity; the development of mankind and man’s first perception of God from the story of Adam & Eve; Abraham & Moses, their quest into spirituality, their interaction with God and the beginning of Judaism; God’s interaction with Jesus & his life and death; the beginning of Christianity & the senseless killings in the Crusades; God’s interaction with Muhammad, the beginning of the Islam faith and the senseless Twin Towers tragedy of 9-11-01.

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