• Music Used to be inspiring

    Music from decades ago actually had meaning in the lyrics, content, something that you could relate to and even sometimes use for comfort. Today's music is teaching kids and young people everything that's wrong with society. Hate, Bigotry, misogyny, etc. Even music from female artists have the completely wrong messages that need to go to our youth. Everything now is drugs, money, alcohol, sex.

  • Yes, music can touch people emotionally.

    Yes. Music provides an artistic outlet for many people to express emotions and feelings. In this way, music is therapeutic for the performers and may even be a source of relieving stress. People who listen to music can also experience a deep emotional impact as they are able to relate to the feelings conveyed by the composers and/or performers.

  • Scientifically Proven Agree

    Of course music can have a deep impact on people. Studies from all over the globe have proven time and time again how sounds and combinations of sounds, as well as traditional "music" can influence behavior, attitude, happiness, aggression, anger, fear, everything! The only debate is to what degree music can influence you.

  • Yes, music affects humans on an emotional level

    Many of the aspects of music, from the tone and key to the lyrics, affect a person's mood and general outlook. When a piece is written in a minor key, or if it is slow, it tends to make the listener more somber even when there are no lyrics to accompany the notes. When a piece is fast and more upbeat, it can make the listener feel better. Then the lyrics themselves can shape a person's attitude, reminding them of positive or negative times. In all cases, the music will have an impact on the listener's mood.

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