Can music have a negative effect on people's behaviour?

Asked by: Madgirl707
  • It changes people's behaviour

    Music such as street and punk rock can have a negative effect on people's behaviour because of the language used in them. Children are easily influenced by what they hear and their surroundings. Certain songs can change children's behaviour, which can change their futures for the worse. Ruining their futures.

  • Music dosent change children for the worst!

    Alot of people think that music changes people for the worst when it really dosent. Just because music has swear words theyĺl here them in the real life and theres a bunch of songs younger kids can listen to and it'll change them and their future for the better! And anyone who thinks im wrong can suck my middle toe

  • It Doesn't Change Anything

    Ok first of all does watching a violent tv show or movie such as Dexter or the movie Carrie make someone want to kill someone? Its the same for movies just because you listen to really heavy metal that screams KILL over and over again doesn't mean you will go on a violent rampage.

  • Behavior, No. Mood?

    Music cannot be considered responsible for people's behavior, otherwise you would be able to draw some sort of direct line connecting heinous acts with certain genres, which we cannot definitively do. Music does not dictate what we do. You don't listen to ICP and suddenly feel the uncontrollable urge to kill a preacher. You don't listen to NWA and then go shoot cops. However, it is reasonable to suggest that music affects our mood, at least as much as any other aspect of our settings. Listening to darker sounding music may intensify negative feelings, while listening to positivity may boost positivity. Music affects your mood, not your actions.

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