• I'm saying yes... On the grounds that im tripping right now after a long production session.

    Ive been experimenting with alternate tunings and Ive noticed lately that when I finish my writing sessions that I get tiny halucinations, nothing thats not really there but for example I looked outside and its as if I can see the shape of the earth, like the sphere shape in the sky rather than just looking into the horizon. I think that it has to be harmonically perfect music though and though I'm not sure yet I also think it has to be tuned to frequencies that target the brain. Another thing I should probably mention is that I spend hours at a time listening to these tones so Ive no idea how long it would take listening to them to make it happen.

  • It's possible, but needs more research.

    REM sleep and hallucination have been shown to be related in many studies. Music is oft reported and widely known to have a calming effect and sometimes can lead to sleep. Studies have shown that in the sleep deprived, REM happens in much shorter cycles much sooner after going to sleep. It's not a large leap to think that music can induce waking REMs, which can be mistaken for or even lead to hallucinations.

  • No, music itself can not.

    Without any outside help, music cannot make someone hallucinate. It may open creative doors inside your head, but that is more your imagination and brain hard at work, not really a hallucination. Maybe if someone has not had enough sleep they will start to hallucinate, or has been listening to it for way too long.

  • I don't think music can make one hallucinate.

    No, I do not think music can make you hallucinate on its own just listening to it without being on some kind of acid trip. I am an avid music fan and listen to it all the time and have never had any "hallucinations" just from listening to it for several hours.

  • No, it can not.

    Music itself without anything extra; like drugs, mental health, lack of sleep, can not make you hallucinate. After long hours of listening you may still be "hearing" it, but that is just your mind remembering the song, like when you get a song stuck in your head, that does not mean you are hallucinating.

  • No it cannot.

    Music can not make a person hallucinate. If a person is doing drugs such as LSD, then that can make them hallucinate while listening to music, but music by itself cannot. There is a type of auditory hallucination but this is typically in the form of a person hearing someone talking behind their back or hearing a voice in their head. This is the case with paranoid schizophrenia.

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