• It saved mine.

    I live with constant problems. I found music a way to escape them. When my parents stay yelling a grab my earphones and forget about everything. Music, for many people can be something like therapy. Music doesn't judge you. You could be listening to a song that describes just how you feel. There can be such a strong connection with a song you feel like it was written for you.

  • Songs are powerful and while may not save lives, simply extends them, yet also offers hope, which in some cases, is similar to life itself

    Songs are powerful and can allow you to escape into a world that doesn't exist. While for many, and in many instances, that can be a pitfall, in times of crisis, sometimes fabrication is needed to convince someone life is worth living. Also, if the person or yourself is trapped in what appears to be a hopeless situation, some fabrication of hope can be just what the person needs. By creating a false world, you can believe that there is something worth living for until you are able to 1) meet the person that will be the help you need or 2) you are able to counsel yourself out of them. Music can encourage you when you have doubts and are unable to carry on. It affects your mindset which in turn, determines your outlook on life. Listening to positive music can allow you to see life in a better way and have a more levelheaded approach to your life and problems. With a levelheaded mindset, you are less likely to make rash decisions as suicide.
    Thank you for reading my opinion, and please know that never is ALL hope lost. You always have the opportunity to make your life better through a positive mindset and hard work. Good luck.

  • Yes music can save your life

    I am a music lover of all types of music. For my senior project I explored music therapy as a profession and the effects of music therapy. When listening to music two forms of emotions are used, emotional feeling and emotional relationship. You not only can feel the song or piece of music, you relate to it. Allowing your feelings to be absorbed trough performing (in a group, singing outloud, etc.) and listening. If you don't believe me check out the book /music therapy in principle and practice/ or the Americanmusictherapyassocition.Com

  • It saves lives

    Music is proven to release dopamine in your brain, helping you feel better. It also helps you relate with many others dealing with your same situation. It helps you feel not alone. And through similar music tastes, people can connect and enjoy the music together, creating a very positive social environment that makes them consider living the rest of their lives instead of wallowing in their misery alone. It brings similar, needy people together.

    I speak from experience and from observing other people who feel the same way. Music saves lives. It definitely saved mine.

  • Music can save lives

    Music can save lives. Music has saved my live before and many other people. Music can have very meaningful words in it. Some bands/artist have been in hard times and faced depression, been bullied, self harmed, ect... So they can understand there fans and inspire them to get better and to stay strong. Some suicidal people hang on because a bands/artist speak to them with there music and show that they care.

  • Yes it does....It saved mine

    Music has saved my life any of times. I don't know what i would do with out it. Its my get away. My escape from the world. Music gets me through the day without hurting someone. Music has saved me from killing myself. I probably wouldn't be here if it weren't for my music.

  • I have seen it save lives

    Music can give you something to relate to. Those words can be your therapy and the artist and those artists can be your therapists. The songs seem to speak to you it can give you relief. Some of the bands might be going through the same thing as you knowing that they don't want you to die can be a life saver.

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  • Yes music can save lives

    Music can save lives because it gives that person a sense of comfort. It gives the person who is having struggles in their life something to look forward to after having a horrible day. I am writing an essay on how music can "save" people for most people music is a life savor.

  • Music is only for entertainment and escape. These comments are posted by "Emos"

    There is no reason why music doesn't saves lives.
    It is a choice, either to continue or give up. I did a senior project on the benefits of Music Therapy, I for one, looked up on hours of research. Music only heals and helps the mind through stress and motion. For the mentally ill or those who have can cancer and other life threaten illnesses, help them over come the suffering or the depression of death or losing their youth. I been through death, depression, bullying, etc etc. and music didn't do anything. The thing that kept me going is resiliency, willpower to gone and live life fully. I proven my point. Thank You.

  • Music goes together with willpower

    Music doesn't save lives. Music is simply an influence, not a savior. It can help a troubled people to stop themselves from causing harm to themselves. They don't give any of the credit for saving themselves. You are the one who stopped yourself from doing anything like that. Bands give speeches and write lyrics to help you get through your problems, and if they didn't, there would be a lot less people stopping themselves. Music helps, but doesn't truly save.

  • It just cant

    The illusion that most of these kids (mostly those who listen to terribly fashioned screamo and "hardcore" bands) with depressing lyrics somehow saved their lives. This just isn't, in no way does music save lives, you make the decision to live or not. If you have a gun to your head, going to kill yourself, and someone screams don't do it. They didn't save your life, you sudden realization that someone cares and YOUR CHOICE prevented you from shooting yourself, this is the same effect for music.

  • No it can not

    The question was, CAN MUSIC SAVE A LIFE?
    To be frank, no because music is nothing more then sound wave bouncing on your ear drum.Yes it may trigger other emotions withing a person but that is not enough to save a life,not even if its a placebo effect. The pleasure we get from it are all mental effects, these can also be trigger by many other things other then music.

    Music not not save life no matter what type of music you are listing to.

  • I'm a former cutter

    When I started cutting it became an addiction basically and with the help of bands like MCR and BVB I was able to stop and see the positive things in my life. My mom is also a former cutter and she stopped because of her family and friends. So yes music can save a life

  • It's You and God,Not Them

    It's your own willpower and your own strength with the help of God. Not some emo band member. It's just something those emo kids say to get attention. I personally like All Time Low. But id never go as far as to say they saved my life. I was extremely unhappy with my self image a couple years ago but I went to the gym and fixed the problem now I can say I am sorta over my problems. If you're unhappy with your life change it do something about it don't whine and complain and say some punk saved your life when they didn't it was you all along with the help of God.

  • No it doesn't

    It just makes you feel comfortable with your situation but does not change anything. Believe me I know.
    If you are suicidal speak to someone and don't rely on music. Sometimes it just glamorizes the idea of suicidal thoughts making you feel like its fine to be in the situation you are in and this doesn't save your life
    Thanks for reading

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