• Nationalism helps create a strong country.

    Quick aside, When I read the con what I saw was, nationalism was bad because "Hitler". That was about the whole argument.
    Nationalism is good because if you view your country as an extended family it becomes easy to see if you do what is best for your family can be nest for you and your future offspring.

  • Because it is legitimate to love one's own culture and protect it

    Without nationalism, a nation is not defined.
    A culture is not preserved, and one's own identity is not distinguished from the others.
    Nationalism could help a nation to unite together to create valuable things holistically, and in reality promote the preservation of culture/civilization in this world. Without nationalism a type of culture is easily dying out due to invasion and so on.

  • Nationalism good for me

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  • Yes Nationalism is Good

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  • Yes, in moderation

    Nationalism can help inspire a nation to accomplish great things. For example, the Japanese went from a feudal, sectionalist society in which corrupt warlords fought each other constantly (and these wars had nothing to do with nationalism) to a society that was united, stable, and modern in under 20 years. The Japanese would not have been inspired to compete with Europe and the Americas if they didn't feel a sort of national obligation to do so (i.E. Nationalism). Although Japanese nationalism did help start World War II, Japanese nationalism also saved thousands of Japanese lives by modernizing the country, and thus introducing the Japanese people to a stable food supply and to modern medicine, and ending the regional conflicts that had previously been constant throughout Japanese history.

  • Nationalism is good!

    It does not in any way mean that you are being racist or putting your country or culture above others. It is more about celebrating where you are and who you are, and focusing more on the good than the bad.
    Yes, it can go wrong, depending on the "leader", but that is not exactly the point.

  • It is good.

    Taking pride in ones culture, race, and nation is not wrong. When one wants his ethnic group to be the best he will work harder to make his nation better. This attitude is unlike modern liberals who associate any attempt to be proud of yourself with neo nazism or fascism. Thats truth.

  • Nationalism can lead to pride in one's country and its accomplishments.

    Extreme nationalism is the thing that causes all the violence and racism in many countries round the world. In Eastern Europe, there are many cases of extreme nationalism but nationalism is not that. Nationalism is what bonds a nation together. It's what protects a country and pushes soldiers to fight. So nationalism is partially a good thing.

  • Ye, but often no.

    Nationalism has been used by influential leaders throughout history. Hitler and Mao have used it to drive their armies for evil, but Ghandi and Mandela have used it for good. It was used by numerous countries in the 1900's for anti colonialism. Einstein had some good thoughts on nationalism. Ya

  • Its bad :)

    Because hitler used it and we all know how he was he was not some good guy he used it to get the crap he wanted you see if we let a country use this everything will go down hill and the
    wont be good for anyone involved in it.

  • No, it is not good

    “Hitler was one such individual. His ideas for progress and making Germany a great country required the whole population’s backing. In order to do this he invoked strong feelings of nationalism using propaganda. When abused in this way nationalism can be very dangerous because people want to fight to protect the rights and freedoms of their country against those ‘threatening’ them so it is a very effective tool for “rallying the troops”.

  • In worst cases it can bring hate to other "rases"

    Its just dumb. I think nationalism is good but when it becomes too much it can result in for example natzi and facism thinking. For example sweden has a political party called the swedish democrats wich is based on nationalism. They bring hate to the people avoiding wars migrating to the country. Lets be honest if your country was in a big war and many people died..Wouldnt you try and escape? Wouldnt you try and protect your family? You like people harrasing you just because you left for a big reason? I dont think doing that for the sake of you and your familys life is wrong. Thats just stupid

  • No nationalism will never be a force for good.

    Nationalism will never be a force for good as it promotes the idea that a certain group is superior over another group. Being proud of a piece of land with a flag where your parents gave birth to you does not mean you get to assume your all of a sudden better than a particular group. If your going to be proud of something be proud of humanity, a group we all belong to, and how far we have come.

  • It is a fundamentally unnecessary and divisive idea.

    Many in society want to do good, however why must this be attributable to a flag or identity? It's at best a very vague concept that is too easily misused by those in power. The best in us is brought out on an individual, human level. Trying to attribute people to a rallying cry of 'look at us, aren't we wonderful and smart and cultured and right' is usually only done by those who wish to achieve their own, usually selfish ends as at its core it assumes that there is some sort of superiority. "I'm great (you're not)." The only way group identity is good would be for larger concepts such as 'humanity' or 'living beings of earth'. In today's global world it has NO place in the betterment of us as people.

  • If there's separation

    If there's separation there will always be a negative outcome. Even though it is uniting one in their own country, it still creates division between others, and we all know where isolation leads us. At an point where you view yourself, friends, family or country as more superior than another it is most likely to cause conflict. Viewing the world as one unit instead of divided by invisible lines would be the way to ultimately go. "Imaging all the people, living as one"

  • The dangers of nationalism

    Nationalism isn't necessarily a force for good in our society. It has been used by unscrupulous people in positions of power to whip up hatred and hysteria among the masses against certain groups that those in power deem undesirable. Take for example Nazi Germany. Hitler did these very things against the Jews.

  • No, nationalism causes to many problems.

    We can not have nationalism take over because it will cause too many problems. In history nationalism has been tried several times and it has led to war. There is no was that everyone can conform to one persons ideas. People do need to have a say and do need to be able to express their own opinions.

  • No, history has shown that nationalism generally leads to war

    I do not believe that nationalism can be a force for good because it promotes the belief that one nation is superior to others, and therefore gives that nation certain entitlements. Throughout history, nationalism movements have led to international conflicts, such as with the Nazis and the onset of World War II.

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