• Yes, it can.

    New York City is probably the single most important city in the United States outside of possibly Washington DC and it is the city that most people think of when they form a mental picture of the United States. I believe that they have enough money for a sea gate that will protect the city from storms and floods. It is a flourishing city in the wealthiest nation in the world.

  • I believe that New York City can afford to protect its shores with Sea Gate.

    I believe that New York City can afford to protect its shores with Sea Gate. The ocean to me is very important so any time that protecting it comes into talks I am all for it. I believe that New York City is also in a good financial position to fund the project.

  • New York can afford it.

    A sea gate would be nothing for New York City. Just the money from tolls on a daily basis is astronomical. That city has a larger economy than a lot of the world's countries. Add the taxes and tickets and fines, and there's basically nothing NYC can't afford at any time.

  • No, that is too expensive

    A project as massive as a sea gate to protect the city is not reasonable for New York. The city does not come close to having enough extra revenue to afford such a massive infrastructure project. If they do, they will end up like California, and the Federal Government; broke beyond hope of recovery.

  • There's no need for that kind of expense.

    No, I don't think that New York City can or should be able to afford to protect its shores with a Sea Gate. Look, I know Hurricane Sandy was bad for a lot of people, and really shook a lot of city dwellers who thought they were immune. But for the amount of times it happens there, it's just not needed.

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