• Nintendo gives fresh ideas

    Nintendo is the only gaming company with fresh new ideas, not just the same game with a different number in front of it, thinking that makes it new, it does not make it new so Nintendo CAN compete, it just does not. So Nintendo is the best gaming company out there

  • Nintendo can continue to compete.

    Nintendo can compete in the video game market because they make popular video games. Their Wii system is very popular, especially with children and families, and they offer non-violent video games which is a large section of the video game market. It is the world's largest video game company in terms of revenue so they set the standard for competition.

  • They will find their piece of the market

    Nintendo has held on to its role as an innovator so long, it can be difficult not to see them as leading the charge in the gaming industry. But they have a fairly secure niche in the market and can continue to work within that niche while seeking to develop and sell the next great Nintendo product line.

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  • Running out of ideas

    Don't get me wrong, I think Nintendo was one of the best gaming industries of its time. I absolutely love the original Nintendo entertainment system. In this day and age we have different people with different tastes. I don't believe that Nintendo will appeal to the new kind of generation in gaming. They keep stretching their games until a point of no return. As the PC, MS, And Sony grow they will ellipse Nintendo forever in history.

  • Nintendo Is On Thin Ice

    I don't really believe that Nintendo has much of a chance of keeping up with its competitors. The main reason for this is because they haven't updated any of their systems in quite a while. Many of the new game systems that are made by other companies are publicized widely and come with many perks. The graphics and games are more advanced than Nintendo's.

  • No Nintendo doesnt compete

    Nintendo does its own thing, they just choose not to compete with MS and Sony. That doesn't make them worse, just different .This excuse immediately absolves Nintendo of any responsibility to perform to any acceptable level. Claiming that they are not in direct competition with Sony and MS effectively allows them to set their own standards, which, as we're seeing, are piss-poor. It also holds the added benefit of lowering our expectations and it also helps shift the blame away from them.

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