• Yes they can.

    Dogs can bite someone that they don't eat even when they are not hungry which is evil because they are causing pain without any need for it. Wild wolves could torture like that too. So non human animals can do unnecessary evil things like attack even when they aren't hungry or being provoked.

  • Humans and animals are not that different.

    In addition, we are animals. Even when we exclude ourselves animals still have the ability to commit evil acts.
    For example, a chimp named Travis ate a woman's face and she needed reconstructive surgery for it. If that isn't evil then I don't know what is. (http://www.Mirror.Co.Uk/news/uk-news/charla-nash-chimp-attack-victim-3091674)
    Azaria Chamberlain was a nine week old baby that was eaten by a dingo while the family was camping out at Uluru (this happened in Australia.) (http://www.Theguardian.Com/world/2012/jun/12/dingo-baby-azaria-lindy-chamberlain)
    Generally, people would consider acts such as these evil. Animals may be different from humans in certain areas, but that doesn't mean they are immune from being evil. Attacking others for no reason (not even for survival) means that it was genuine evil that they were committing.

  • Yes animals can be evil.

    While animals can't typically think about right and wrong, that doesn't mean some don't typically do evil things. If an animal gets pleasure out of another's misery then it is evil. Also there is some animals that think, certain species of primates can have social behaviors, and there are some that have evil behaviors.

  • They still have competent minds

    Even if humans have advanced more, it doesn't mean that all the species below us are incompetent and incapable of thought. If someone can be classified as evil, then so can any working mind. Scar from the Lion King was evil. (I know that's an animated character in a Disney movie, but I'm just providing an example).

  • Animals Are Different.

    Unlike humans, animals rely solely on instinct. Animals do not intentionally do "evil" things. In my own opinion, evil does not exist. No animal thinks to destroy property for fun. Animals do not kill just to kill; they do it for food or to protect loved ones. Animals simply do not have the mindset humans do, nor the ignorance. They do not waste their time with unessential activities, they're are wired to survive, not to be malicious.

  • Balance of Both.

    The thing is that all things are born with both good and evil within them. When something is described as "evil," it's just the side of them that they decide to act upon. They could be just as good at the same time, only they try to hide in fear of showing weakness.

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