• It can be controlled

    Because if I am also taught by childhood that I have to kill people I will do that thing so we need to clear up the minds of these children so that we can control terrorism without violence. We can also do this by talking to them peacefully and fulfilling their needs.

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Terrorism is like a tree. You keep cutting its branches, but it will continue to grow, but if you want to eradicate it completely, you have to see the roots of the tree.

    By enlightening people with good beliefs, thoughts and education we can change their mind set. Power of word is much greater than using weapons.

  • Think different. Quit violence!

    To all those terrorists out there already dealing with so much of violence, what about having a neat slice of smoked salmon sandwich? I do understand, all of us have some demands. Maybe too much of them sometimes. But if your demands are not being listened to, are you people gonna throw the sandwich and grab ak47s? Dude, we all are really tired of long good for nothing lectures. You people really need to get your brains out of your goddamned assess. Think like grown up people. Make up petitions and shit. And to all those military people out there, throw your weopons and grab some flowers and all of you people sit together and solve your problems. Violence in return of violence will only shed blood. Try to understand what all of this mean. Try to and we can surely live in a better world. Thankyou

  • Non-violence is a higher strategy

    I remember a quote by Martin Luther King jnr . It said something like accepting blows without retaliating weakens the morale of the vicious opponent. Like the Beatitudes from the Biblical Mountain, non-violence is a higher strategy more refined and able to diffuse the terrorist mind and intentions. But it (non-violence) needs a lot of contextualizing and redux to match the peculiarity of the evil breed of terrorism

  • Yes

    Terrorism already involves more violence than most would like... so why fight fire with fire? Adding violence to violence will be solve anything, in fact, it will only cause, you guessed it, violence. Rather than fight violently and absurdly shed blood over nothing, terrorism should be stop by talking about what the terror is actually about, and what can be done to resolve it.

  • Violence is Not the Answer

    History has shown that answering violence with violence only begets even more violence. The cycle has to stop at some point. Instead of trying to solve a problem by killing as many people as possible, and creating more people with reasons to hate us, maybe we should try to find out why they hate us in the first place. Then we can try to find a real solution.

  • It's impossible to curb terrorism with non-violence.

    These people are not here to sit and wait for democrats to come and explain them that they are going against the humanity and that they should stop it. Their sole motive is to kill as many until alive in the name of jihad and go to jannat to be received by 72 hoors. To curb this problem, We simply need a bigger group of armed people whose sole task should be the elimination of such jihadists, And they should be allowed to do their work without any sort of hindrance.

  • Quarantining may be better than termination

    I do not believe that non-violence can be a practical answer to terrorism. Non-violence works best in a civilized society where the other side is ready to rationalize the situation. With fanatics, who believe that their God will reward them for killing innocents in His name, and aspires to stay in 700 CE, there is no scope for rationalization.
    But I think trying a killing approach may not work either as we are not talking about a few thousands here. Also many of the 'civilized' countries have also taken advantage of the situation to get to their political and economic objectives to complicate the situation further.

    Hence I think rather than getting involved further and increase animosity further, it would be best to quarantine this 'virus'. Slowly cut down the geographical area from the economic and political landscape. This would not be something that can be done in a day, but if many of the developed and developing countries can come together on this then this could be a possibility.

    Also the democratic farce needs to shunned wherein the democratic countries cannot keep away from making 'politically correct' statements and policies with comments like 'not every one is bad' or 'It is a peaceful religion'. It does not matter what the religion is. What matters is how is it being practiced. Identify them as problem, and cut the cancer out and keep them out until populi is left with no choice than to rebel against the terrorist.

  • Within the Middle East, No.

    For thousands of years the Middle East has been a religious hotbed of war and violence. As sad as it is, I do not believe that Western Allied Forces and/or NATO should involve themselves in a conflict that only creates an ongoing conflict more complicated. If Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, and Christians want to keep killing each other over land and religion, I believe that is their decision to make. Terrorism cannot be erased with kindness or war because no matter how many men you cut down, an ideal can never be killed.

  • Let's Be Real-ist

    These people are armed with weapons and their sole purpose is to terrorize and cause harm. Because of this, in order to control terrorism, you need to use force. They have guns and weapons; we can't fight them with love and kisses because they don't care about our help because they feel they don't need our help which is why they do what they do. This leaves us with no other option but to wipe them out from the source with weapons of mass destruction. Their nature is to grow and inflict suffering upon others, therefore, our moral obligations as humans are to protect those who are innocent. So we must become the antidote which we seek and not remain passive with words and speech.

  • Some places u hv to reply in a silly TIT FOR TAT manner..

    For the removal of terrorism throughout the world the govt of all the leading countries hv to come forward without any hard feelings and vow to take every step needed to eradicate this hard deep rooted problem. US, India, China, Japan, Russia and several other strong countries should take a stand and try to face the global terrorism together, that way it would be more easy to scrap it off and in lesser time with efficiency. Being a commoner, I don't know what are world's powers doing. But I know it well they have to be more strict if they want to stop activities such as that taken care by terror groups.

  • Non-Violence only work against stupid.

    If we look at the history of non-violence, it has only worked against people who care about public image and have developed stupid concepts empathy.

    If British would have killed Gandhi(covertly) could have been delayed in Indian Independence. The very reason India gained independence was Second World War and its impact on Great Britain.

    As for Martin Luther King's struggle, it was nothing more than appeasement of votes.

    Non-violence will never gain any influence in Muslim word which is based on the principal of
    "Most people respect law, everyone respects the Gun"

  • No, I used to think it was the answer but

    times have changed. People are hell bent and determined to cause as much violence as they can on innocent people and it feels like a kill or be killed atmosphere. And I for one have seen and felt the impact of too many attacks, we need to focus on the prevention.

  • I do not believe so!

    I have noticed that the organizations that the terrorists run are from uneducated third world countries. They are brain washed at a very young age to hate the Americans. Since these people are brain washed early and uneducated, I do not believe that non violence is the answer. They only understand violence, and you cannot reason with a terrorist organization.

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