• Never Underestimate Anything

    Look, North Korea has been in a point where their leader is seen as "infamous" by mainly the South Koreans and the Americans. We have been getting many threats of a nuclear strike from the North Koreans and people seem to think that it can only affect South Korea and possibly Guam, Hawaii and Alaska, but honestly, never underestimate anyone's authority. We might see the North Koreans as "fools" for even thinking of this, but what if a nuclear bomb did hit as far as Washington D.C. And we could have never expected it? I mean, I hope nobody has forgotten the fact that North Korea was successfully able to shoot a missile into space. This debate runs into either/or from anyone's point of view, but I hope my point of view will give people a clearer view of what we might expect.

  • North Korean missiles can reach US territories.

    While their missiles may not be able to hit the continental US it can reach our territories, Hawaii, and possibly Alaska. Even if the missiles can only reach Guam and American Samoa, they are still considered part of the US and there for can not be ignored or discounted as not an American interests.

  • Yes they can.

    They cannot strike the continental United States but our base in Guam is vulnerable as well a possible attack on Alaska or Hawaii, as they are both on the fringes of North Korea's potential missile range. An attack would not reach most United States citizens, but could impact a few.

  • North Korea is incapable of mounting such an attack.

    North Korea, is most likely incapable of mounting a nuclear missile attack. Each rocket entails significant costs and with both satellites and radar monitoring the North no launch would be undetected. The United States anti missile systems and AWACS aircraft should provide all the necessary protection and detection, if the north even attempted to launch. Only a few missiles would be possible.

  • Not the mainland

    North Korean missiles cannot reach mainland United States, period, end of sentence. There are plenty of things they CAN hit that we'd have a direct involvement in responding if they did, but Americans in general are largely safe from this nonsense. Nonsense that, mind you, is never going to happen anyway.

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