• Yes, it has helped me and my family very much.

    I have three children, one is 13F, another is 12M and the last is 8F. The thing is, my 12 year old son was very shy. He did not have quite a lot of body confidence, despite of him being sporty and fit, as he was bullied at a younger age. Eventually, my husband and I decided to take the entire family to a naturist spa for a week, during the school holidays. I took leave off work, and we got ready to leave.

    My husband and I were already naturists, although we had never exposed our children to nudity. We undressed and went to the park where we had events due. For the first two days, my children were all very shy and always tried to hide behind objects, as none of them had been nude in public before. Eventually, they just snapped, and the shyness stopped. They began actively talking to other people, and no longer tried to hide themselves. The thing is, in a naturist resort, everyone is nude, so it is actually comforting.

    Most importantly, my sons' low self esteem went away. He was no longer shy and quiet. The same happened to my daughters. Naturism has heavily benefited us all, and we look forward to returning later.

  • Yes it does!

    For myself, I find that there's a certain sense of spiritual wellbeing associated with being naked. It invites honesty,.Open mindedness and acceptance of myvself and others as well as a wonderful sense of freedom.
    To my mind, it's a perfect antidote to the antiseptic airbrushed culture which seems so prevalent, where we're all pigeonholed and judged by what we wear and look like and perceived imperfections must be eradicated at any cost.
    Just my opinion for what it's worth.

  • Yes. I agree

    It is amazing how good you feel when you strip down. Fresh. Free. Engaged. Relaxed. My wife agrees and we look forward to spending our naked time each evening. What a great way to end the day. Naturally, it has helped our relationship. We are far more honest and comfortable with each other. Sometimes we s get naked to watching the sunrise. What a great way to start the day.

  • It is not wrong about nudism or nudist or even naturists

    Me and my wife discovered this wonderful world of nudism after the children growed up and we stay alone at home. We loved since the begining. We love the private nudism at home and the social nudism at resorts and beaches.Our sons know about our nudists preferences but we are always clothed when they come home. We discovered the answer most obvious the whole questions. The nudism is totaly natural. We have feeling very well in the buff all the time. We already forget about we are nude. Before anyone talk about the nudism, they must try a time, this is the only way to know. Don't be shame. Try alone at first. We know that is not possible receive another people non nudist at home, our social life is the same before our nudist life style. But when possible, the nudism is our pleasure. This style is nothing about sex. Is about be healthy. Enjoy it and be happy

  • Great way to relax

    After a busy day especially during the warm months it's relaxing to strip off and cool down. Fresh air around your body feels so good. Started years ago staying at a friend's farm and they would strip off and jump into the swimming pool after work. Then get dressed , it was normal to them so I enjoyed it to. From there you get used to being naked to relax. It's not about sex like some people think.

  • YEesthere are many

    Your skin needs to breath and clothes an stifles that. Destigmatizing nudity gives a better understanding of the human body. It is desexualized. It gives poepel a better body image in general rather than being self conscious even when they are not really out of shape. Here is a list of some
    Here is another good point in this article. This goes along with how desexualizing the human body makes it so that people are less addicted to sex.

  • Nudism helped me recover myself and my health.

    I was born w a number of congenital heart defects and have undergone numerous surgeries to correct them beginning at age 2.
    I grew up really stressed out because of the condition of my body and grew to hate it.
    About 2 summers ago I felt the call to try living clothes-free as much as possible (I've never liked clothes), and upon obeying the "call" of nudism, I was astonished by how enacting my nudist urge so quickly caused a lot (not all-it's still a struggle) my self-hatred towards my body to disappear. Nudism is one of most therapeutically beneficial activities extant.
    It truly is how humans were meant to live. I am a home nudist for now.

  • Nude when possible, clothed when practical

    Clothing is a need, to a degree, in the sense that it shelters the skin from the elements and helps humans regulate their body temperature; we're among the most poorly equipped species on the planet in that regard. However, it has far exceeded that need, and now individuals obsess over cosmetic factors that have nothing to do with their own physical health, but have more to do with what dress they can afford or if that $10 eye liner is better than that $3 one. Men do it, too, but whether you're wearing a sport coat and a cravat or a T-shirt and shorts has little to do with the main function of clothing -- to provide shelter against the elements. Nudity frees you from those inconsequential cosmetic things, and allows you to focus more on your health -- by being more aware of your body. Furthermore, it is fun, relaxing, and natural. I can virtually guarantee that our predecessors from 20,000 years ago didn't wear clothes for fashion, but rather because the elements sometimes required it. As for me, I'd prefer to be nude when possible, clothed when practical.

  • Yes nudist lifestyle

    People are always putting up artificial barriers. When you remove artificial barriers like clothing, people seem to be more open and easier to get along with. My experience is that it is easier to engage strangers in conversation at a nudist resort than it is at a textile resort. Not everyone has the perfect body but no one seems to care.

  • Yes it can be

    Growing up I've always been the shy,nervous,quiet guy. My first nude experience was at a korean spa where i had to be nude to use the pools and saunas in the mens section. Being the shy,nervous guy i was extremely uncomfortable but after the first visit i started to feel more comfortable being nude alone at home and with people at the spa. It made me more comfortable with who I am and now i do not feel nervous or shy anymore. Im more open about things and feel more confident. Im just beginning embracing more of a nudist lifestyle now and I'm enjoying life now. So the nudist life style can be beneficial because it can help people feel more confident and not have so many reservations about things because society instills things in people on how they should act and how to think which holds them back from doing things what they truly believe in.

  • No, nudist lifestyles are a counterculture.

    No, nudist lifestyles cannot be beneficial, as they are a counterculture. Children that are brought up in these environments may be teased by other kids and may have difficulty to normal society. Also, one may argue that if people are so uninhibited that they don't wear close that they may be promiscuous or make poor choices in other areas of their lives.

  • No, there are no benefits.

    A nudist lifestyle could only be beneficial because you no longer have to take the time to put on clothes. However there are a ton of negatives. Clothes protect the skin. I believe there would be a lot more injures that then could cause infection depending on how the injury occurred. The nudist would also be more susceptible to infections passed through bodily fluid because they would have nothing protecting them. Also sun exposure and sun burn would be a very big problem.

  • It is inappropriate

    You are walking around developed situation with no clothes on your back. You are opening yourself up to the prying eyes of other perverts. The genitals are sexual organs and we have laws about public indecency for a reason. Imagine a nudist walking around and he gets a big boner in public. That is not beneficial to anybody other than perverts

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