• Yes

    There are a plethora of issues that need to be addressed in his second term to make it a successful presidency. He understands what needs to be done; however, actually solving this problems may be difficult to solve in just four years. Also without the compliance of the congress it might be extremely difficult to reform anything.

  • Yes, Obama will avoid the 'second-term curse' and will be remembered as one of the Presidential Greats

    Obama will go down in history as the President that ended the war that made the world hate us. He will go down in history as the President who's military tracked down and took out Osama Bin Laden. Most importantly, he will go down in the books as being the man who brought national health care to America, the last western civilization to do so. He saved the country from economic disaster and has been slowly growing our nation back to where it needs to be. All of this was done in his first term. The reason why the 'second-term curse' won't effect Obama is his strategy has always been an 8 year plan. Slow and steady recovery will sustain long term growth and prosperity. Those conservatives that think a tax cut quick fix will save all economic troubles for America. Yes, tax cuts would grow the economy and create jobs. But if you look at the economy over the years as a wave, you can see that quick and immediate growth leads to just as sharp of a recession, which leads to a higher probability of a depression. Slow and steady growth prolongs the amount of time between recessions and lessens the blow of an inevitable recession in a monetary based system. The foolish make quick fix solutions for long term problems. The wise correct the issue long term, even if it takes a little longer to get there.

  • With a country devided, no.

    Given the last election, there was an obvious division among the country. Many citizens voted for the president's opposition not because they necessarily agreed for his views and policies but simply that he was Obama's opponent. With that in mind one could very well see the second-term curse becoming an inevitability.

  • Not statistically

    Given the likelihood of a major catastrophic world event happening within the span of eight years I would argue that President Obama cannot avoid the "second term curse". Not only is there horrible dissatisfaction with the government at home and abroad, there is abundant economic unrest all over the United States. The President will be hard pressed to remain unscathed.

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