• Yes. There's a "but" coming, however.

    Obama can't blame Bush anymore because he has to direct his time towards blaming the current GOP clods dragging everything down. I am not an Obama apologist, I find his performance disappointing and very mediocre, but I can only put so much of the blame on him when the people he needs to work with have openly stated they're going to say no to what he says no matter what it is. Scum.

  • Yes, Bush can no longer be blamed.

    This question is poorly worded and involves double negatives, however! The first term was quite clearly a slapdash clean up attempt. Nothing notable occurred outside of a tiny stimulus bonus (welcomed, but more of a bandage than a cure), a flawed and expensive health care plan (which resulted in layoffs, salary cuts and other unfortunate contributions to poverty) and a lot of horrible bumper stickers. This second term is all his own. If he can pull the economy up, he'll do it under his own power. And if he can't? He'll have failed due to his own actions as well. Either way, his term is all his own.

  • Yes, Obama can no longer blame Bush.

    Obama can not blame Bush for our deficits because he has not truly done anything to fix the economy. Obama made many promises he has not been able to keep and now the economy has slowly gotten even worse since he has been in office. He no longer can point the blame elsewhere.

  • Bush destroyed this country

    Bush took Clinton's budget surplus and turned into the largest deficit that the country had ever seen. In a President's first year, he/she inherits the budget from the last President. So in Obama's first year, he had to deal with a budget put in place by Bush. People say that's been too long to blame Bush, but Presidents don't just rule the country for 8 years, their policies can last forever. Do we have slaves? Is Social Security still around? Are we still in the U.N.? Those were things changed by President's who ruled much more than 7 years ago.
    Sure, Obama is partly to blame. But the deficit is dropping at record rates right now and we are on a path to reach a surplus in 2015.

    Posted by: WSB
  • No, Bush messed the country up

    When Obama took over as president of the US, the country had just suffered a great Recession because of Bush's term in office. His outrageous spending had sent the country down into a large abyss. Obama tried to stabilize an already damaged economy by introduced the stimulus. Bush's Iran venture (which was a very stupid and ill thought idea) wasted a lot of money and raised the national deficit.

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