• Yes, Obama can solve America's debt crisis.

    Obama would have already solved America's debt problem if the Republican Party would get out of the way and let America be fixed. The real problem with any of Obama's initiatives is that the short sighted Republicans are more intent on shutting down the government than fixing any of its problems.

  • Obama can solve America's debt crisis.

    Obama can solve America's debt crisis. He proposed a plan to congress that would significantly reduce America's debt in the coming decade. If congress cooperates with the president, we might be able to see a serious reduction in the nation's debt in the near future. Congress should start to work more with the White House.

  • Yes but he won't

    I think Obama is cabalbe of making great stridge in America's debt crisis but he won't. Instead he has his own agenda that he pushes through with no care for the debt crisis. He is causing a whole lot more debt now and in the future then he is working to solve.

  • He Can Solve The Problem

    I believe that President Obama can solve our debt problem. He is working towards solving it right now and he will get the job done. I just think that people need to realize that the debt is not going to go away over night. It is going to take time.

  • No, he will not stop spending.

    No, Obama cannot solve America's debt crisis, because the first step to solving a problem is admitting there is one. Obama does not see the problem with America's spending. He believe that every person needs a handout. Until Obama sees this for the future problem that it is, he will not make positive changes for our security.

  • Obama Can't Fix The Debt Crisis

    I do not believe Obama can solve America's debt crisis. The debt crisis in a America is surreal and it probably can't be fixed in a few days or a few years, it is going to take years to fix it and that's if we have consistent policies to address the issue.

  • He can't solve the problem.

    Even if Obama had good policies in solving the debt ceiling, he would continue to be blocked by a gridlocked congress. He doesnt have that much control in what happens to our economy, congress does. However, Obama doesnt have a good plan as increasing taxes on the rich isn't going to fix our problems.

  • No.

    Obama does not seem to be focusing on the debt crisis with the attention needed to actually address the issues that we, as Americans, are facing. President Obama seems to be too concerned with bombing countries, helping the rich, and not concerned enough about debt and poverty within American society

  • No he can't

    He can't, because for starters, he has shown no inclination to try. Moreover, he has indicated that the debt isn't much of a priority for him. This is simply an issue for him to use for politics against Republicans. He isn't spending any time on this matter, and instead he is discussing such issues as demonstrably ineffective gun control policies.

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