• Unintendend Consequences

    Occupy Wall Street isn't going to make walls crumble and everyone gather to sing and hold hands, but the movement has generated worldwide discussion about money, business practices, sustainability, and climate change. The diverse goals of the protesters have been a benefit in some ways, because it's made folks think about and discuss new ideas.

  • No I don't think Occupy Wall Street can on a major level

    It may wake some people up to harsh realities about our current economic system and balance of power, but......unless we ALL collectively forced change at once, the status quo will keep going as it always has the last 100 years. The rich will keep getting richer, the poor, poorer, and the vicious cycle will keep spinning on. It's gonna take a LOT more than Occupy Wall Street to force major change in our country.

  • I don't think so.

    Just because people are standing around and protesting Wall Street that won't change anything. The "1%" won't distribute their wealth because of people protesting them. People standing around protesting won't redistribute the wealth of the country like the protestors want. It has been months since the Occupy Wall Street movements started and no changes have been made.

  • Doubtful.

    Every time a grassroots movement gains any momentum, it seems like it's subverted by powerful interests that abuse its aims to advance the agendas of powerful factions that aren't out to help the common people at all; i.e., the grassroots become "astroturf." This happened to the Tea Party very quickly and I think it's happening here, too.

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