• Of course you can

    Killing a baby is not anyone's right. I support women and I support the innocent baby's who are murdered every day because if selfish women who don't realize what they're doing. A feminist does not have to be pro murderer. Abortion hurts women. Most of them commit suicide because they're so ashamed of what they did to their child.

  • Yes, one can

    Abortion is a scientific debate. It's incredibly simple, so I don't understand why there are so many different arguments for or against it. The debate is whether the fetus is a living individual human. If it's a living individual human, then abortion is murder. If it's not a living individual human, then abortion is the moral equivalent of picking grass. It's not a matter of women's rights.

  • Sure it is

    I think if feminism overwhelm any social traits, all governments will make new system to breed babies to reduce personnel decrease by women's birth-giving. So, they could automatically manage babies by professional facilities. All family members can watch how they are growing well and they just charge at minimum level by income level. It does not need to be even. This will give women freedom from breeding activities.

  • Susan B. Anthony

    Many of the earliest feminists deplored abortion and believed that abortion was anti-female and way that men could control women. It was the so-called "second wave feminism" in the 1960's and 1970's that declared abortion and feminism go hand-in-hand. Of course you can be pro-life and a feminist, you just won't be very popular at feminist rallies, wheras I am sure you would be perfectly welcome at a pro-life rally even if you wore a t-shirt that said "I am a feminist".

  • Yes, unless I missed the memo.

    I consider myself a feminist (believe that men and women are equal) but I am pro-life. At conception, the zygote receives 46 (sometimes 45 or 47) chromosomes, the necessary amounts to be a human being. If the zygote had 48 chromosomes, it would be a chimp. Thus, human life begins at conception. To abort this life would be to kill a human being. I can't understand how some feminists try to interject the argument of women's rights in the abortion debate. It doesn't really apply here. How does a person's right to choose override an innocent individual's right to live? Just because a fetus is attached to you doesn't mean it *is* you; therefore you do not have the right to decide whether or not he or she lives.

  • Why the hell not?

    I don't see my stance on abortion as an issue of women's rights. It's more of an ethical issue about the life of the child. The child is its own being, not just a tumor in the bearer's body.

    I do support women making their own choices about birth control and contraception just as well as any person has a right to appropriate medical decisions. But those aren't harming anyone--the child isn't being killed because it never existed, whereas abortion is actually killing a living being.

    P.S. My stance on the death penalty doesn't make me a hypocrite. It's protecting the innocent and doing away with the cruel guilty.

  • How could it be possible?

    To believe in women's rights, you would also have to believe babies are burdens to women. Not to say all believe this as some are confused. Some women believe they can do anything a man can do, but they can't. Feminism is a false sense of superiority given to women.

  • I don't think so.

    One of the main points of feminism is that anyone can decide on what they do with their own life. Their own choices, and their own bodies. That includes the right to terminate a pregnancy they don't want to carry. Feminism is about trusting others to make the right choices for themselves.

    Reducing a person with a uterus to nothing more than a incubator just because someone sees a potential life (and not the living sentient person carrying that potential life) as being more important than anything else.

    In forcing that view on others, instead of just deciding for yourself that you wouldn't have an abortion but not infringe on other peoples' choices, you are not only giving a foetus more rights than any other living person (the right to infringing in bodily autonomy) but you are also giving a person with a uterus less to their own body and its contents a corpse. A person gets to decide whether their organs get to be put to use after their death, no one can make them do that without their consent.

    It doesn't matter that a foetus has its own DNA (so does a tumour, but no one throws a fit over medicating one of them.) It's still attached to and using the person carrying it, the person doing all the work, the sentient person going through bodily changes, having their organs shifted and squished around, and that could possibly end up dead at the end of their unwanted pregnancy. I know I would probably end up killing myself if I ended up pregnant and forced to keep it. As my previous point, no living sentient person can use another person's body against their will (it's why rape, assault and murder are all illegal) so why does a foetus get a special privilege? If you want them treated like everyone else, they need to have that law applied to them too.

  • Both are immoral

    But feminism is pure evil. Now abortion has nothign to do with feminism. In many ways it's an excuse for sexual irresponsibility. But feminism is about man-hating. It's about killing men, enslaving them, feminizing them. Etc, etc. Feminism is purely an evil ideology at heart. I don't think any woman who's pro-life is a feminist. I don't even think any woman that's pro-choice is a feminist either, at least not most of them.

  • To be both would a contradiction

    The basis of feminism is to be in total control and ownership of your own body and no one else should be able to rule over it simply because you are you and no one else. When someone who claims to be a feminist is pro-life, they enforce their belief on another person, violating the very foundation that feminism stands on.

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