Can one contribute to the social sector while being employed in the corporate world?

  • Payment of taxes

    People working in the corporate world are the most highly taxed folks in the economy. Where do the revenues from taxes go? It is the same income from taxation that is used to develop the underdeveloped neighborhoods. It is this revenue that is used in building better houses for the homeless in the streets. Through payment of taxes the corporate world promotes the activities of the social sector.

  • Yes, corporations help people.

    Yes, a person can contribute to the social sector while employed in the corporate world, because corporations often do things that help people. A company that makes medical equipment is contributing to the social world. A person who is an attorney who offers charity work is contributing to the corporate world, even though they work privately.

  • Charitable Donations, Volunteerism

    Contributions to the social sector can vary widely from charitable donations to volunteering someone's time. People work in the private sector and contribute to the public good every day. Just look at corporations who sponsor charitable runs, walks and other events to raise money for various causes. There are as many ways you can contribute to the social sector as there are humans on planet Earth.

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