• Streaming is amazing

    Streaming music is a way to listen to your favorites hits. People should not pay to stream music from various sources. Some artists are taking their music of these popular streaming sites because they claim that they are not getting enough money which is completely false. Streaming has a lot of benefits too such as if a new artist wants their music to be heard, they can put it on a streaming site and their song might get popular. Also, it is shown that streaming music reduces the amount of piracy that goes on. Piracy is illegally recording a song and selling it for money. There are many benefits of streaming and that is why people should not pay for streaming.

  • Welcome to the World Today

    For the music industry, online streaming MUST save sales because this is the way consumers want to listen to music these days. If the industry can find away to sell contracts to online streaming providers, then it should work out in the end. Full albums could still have the full download option for the consumer to purchase if needed. Some consumers may want to have access to their favorites when they do not have access to the internet.

  • This is how people want to get their music today.

    Many people today want an online way to consume music. This is how people discover if they like something and if they think it's worth buying. With a streaming service, you could even provide a way for people to buy the music through the same exact website if they do decide that they like it enough and want to pay for it.

  • From personal experience, yes.

    I typically hear a song and want to know more about the artist, so I listen to them on a streaming site or youtube. If I like them enough, I buy the album and urge my friends with similar tastes to do the same. There are few things I hate more than wasting money on albums where I really only like the radio single (and those cds go right to trading bin, if they're not returned outright). Because of this sad phenomena, I don't buy music at all very often. Instead, I listen to Pandora or have my youtube playlist running.

  • Online streaming will not save music sales.

    I think there is a chance if you listen to one song downloaded, you may be tempted to go out and buy the CD. However, in most cases, if you can download one song, you can download the rest. Then you burn them to your own CD and there you go, a free music CD. I would think that would ruin music sales.

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