Can only sophisticated schools provide quality education?

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  • Quality is more than being fancy.

    Just because a school doesn't have all the latest and greatest technology doesn't mean that they educate kids poorly. Just because they're not rich doesn't mean they can't give their kids a good future. Just because it's located in a little rural farm town and and it's not very big doesn't mean that it won't be good quality education. In fact, the best school in America could be in a little town in the middle of nowhere, and we don't even know it. A big school in New York City could be a terrible school with bad education. You never know. You can't judge a book by its cover.

  • Education Quality is More than Technology

    Quality of education has to do with class size, individual attention to students, teacher quality and learning materials. While sophisticated schools with greater access to technology may be in an easier position to provide a quality education, simply having that access does not guarantee a quality education and it is certainly possible to provide quality education without the latest technology.

  • No, many kinds of schools can educate.

    Sophistication and money may help provide materials. But dedicated teachers and students who want to learn can make even a country school house or an inner city school a center of real learning. We need to provide the basics first, as well as the ability to think for oneself and appreciate many kinds of culture.

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