Can oppressed Roma use their ethnic diversity as an effective instrument?

  • Yes, they should celebrate their heritage.

    Yes, oppressed Roma can use their ethnic diversity as an effective instrument, because diversity and culture is always a good thing. The Roma people do not need to be ashamed of their past, because they should be proud of where they came from. However, this does not mean that they need special government favors or financial compensation. They should integrate into society like everyone else on an even playing field.

  • Yes, they can use it all.

    Any oppressed minority needs to use whatever it has at its disposal. Since the Roma people are not monolithic but come from many ethnicities and live in many countries, they should use that fact to spread their views all over and use their various talents to influence the governments that oppress.

  • Ethnic Diversity an Advantage for Roma

    The Roma can and should use their ethnic diversity to effectively fight back against oppression. Roma persecution occurs around Europe each and every day, but diversity can help the Roma people gain more acceptance throughout the region. The Roma people desreve to be unoppressed in every part of Europe after all.

  • Oppressed Roma can use their ethnic diversity as an effective instrument.

    Oppressed Roma can use their ethnic diversity as an effective instrument. They are a different in many ways and have already shown this. They want to be left alone from government interference and we should respect that right and leave them alone. If they want their own way in life than that should be left up to them.

  • No, the Roma need to seek unity

    The Roma are oppressed, and the oppression should stop.
    However, they are unlikely to gain any influence in the many societies where
    they roam until they organize themselves and begin to behave as a cohesive
    people. Now, they are generally viewed as a criminal underclass, and that is
    unlikely to change until the Roma themselves begin a legitimate search for political
    voice, as one. Diversity is good, but in unity is strength.

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