Can Oprah Winfrey make us forgive Lance Armstrong?

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  • Only Lance can invoke forgiveness for Lance.

    Only by strongly supporting doping in sports rather than bowing to the social Darwinism encouraged by anti-dopers can Lance truly earn forgiveness for his unconscionable apologies for acting as a self-defining person. At no point were those apologies for his personhood warranted, and it will take great effort on his part to win the respect of any honest singularitarian.

  • No, Oprah cannot force anyone to make their own decision.

    Oprah is a good debater, mediator, or whatever you may want to call her, but she is not capable of swaying the public's choice of forgiveness. Lance made a mistake, and it is up to him to sway our feelings on whether to forgive him or not. It is our choice to forgive him, not hers.

  • No, nor can anyone else.

    People will either forgive him or not, based on their own feelings about the entire mess. Oprah can help him tell his story, but she can't make anyone do anything. Furthermore, I don't think Lance Armstrong cares one way or the other if the public forgives him. What's done is done, he'll never get his reputation back, so what difference does it really make?

  • Over Oprah

    No, Oprah cannot make us forgive Lance Armstrong. Her relevance has faded since she ended her talk show and most people flip past her network when looking for something to watch. Oprah has no sway over public opinion.

    Not to mention, many people feel that they were lied to by Lance Armstrong and that his actions cannot be forgiven.

  • No She Cannot

    The public will not forgive Lance Armstrong. Oprah interviewing him will not sway the way people feel about him. Anyone watching him on her show just wants to see him admit cheating and wants details on what he did. Lance will always be looked at negatively by the public from now on.

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