• If someone owns entities that the whole public has reasonable use of

    Personal property, that only you have reasonable use of, sure its fine if you own it. Like your toothbrush, house, car, CD player, backyard, no one else has any reasonable use of it. Now something like a song, corporation, large amount of unused land, that can just be tyranny to have complete ownership. Like restaurants serve the public, absolute ownership could lead to unreasonable denial of service. Or better yet, people who are unable to own and must rely on others property for shelter, like nursing homes, renters, or group homes, that would not be quite fair to have the owners making all the rules and oppressing the people who need the facilities.

  • History shows concentrated ownership of land and resources can lead to tyranny

    From the feudal lords of the middle ages to the monopolistic owners of the US Gilded Age to today's oil monarchies and Russian oligarchs ownership can lead to tyranny by the lucky few. Government of the people exists to ensure a balance between the owner class and the producing class.

  • Tyranny is actually the result of the denial of ownership.

    Tyrannical rulers are the ones who infringe on the property rights of their subjects, often to the point of denying that the people own themselves.

    This is not just a function of despotic rulers, though. Consider the tyranny of the masses as enacted in socialism and the welfare state. Socialism is built on telling working people that much of what they earn does not belong to them. It is then taken from them and given to those who did not earn it.

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