• YES

    It was their land to begin with. The Israelites came and took it because they were walking around a desert for 40 years looking for their "promised land" and their leader had just died so they settled with a land already populated by another race. And to this day they're still trying to push their boundaries onto the Gaza strip. They just need to leave the Palestinians be to govern themselves!

  • It'll take a long time but it needs to be attempted

    Anything pointing at the Palestinian territories saying "look at them now they can't keep it together" is unfair, Israel handcuffs them in every way the world will allow them to. If a Palestinian state is recognized, will it magically overnight stop having violent groups and problems? Absolutely not, it'll still be a mess, probably for a while. But there are many, many people there that simply want a chance and they need to be given it. When people are given hope, they're less likely to be behind groups that promise protection through aggression. They're desperate right now. A Palestinian state with Hamas playing such a major role will be no better than it is right now, but a Palestinian state will be more inclined to lessen the role Hamas has in it.

  • Yes it can!

    Yes I believe it can. It will take alot of work. It will take help from the outside world. But together it can be done. The citizens there will also have to want it. But it could become a stable state with hard work and time. Someday I believe it will.

  • Yes it can.

    it will take alot of change. It will also take help from the outside world. But I do believe that everything could work oot. The people there will have to want it to become stable. That is the first step in getting it stable. But I do believe that it will happen.

  • No, I do not believe Palestine can be a stable state.

    Palestine as well as most Middle Eastern Countries have had internal strife throught their entire history. There are too many extrimist factions within the ountry as well as all of the Mid East. Take the Gaza Strip for instance, Palestine can not even manage to incorporate their political views on what should be, or is part of their own country.

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