Can parents be the only ones to blame for a child's misbehavior?

  • Yes, the parents are responsible

    Responsible parenting involves far more then taking care of a child's basic needs: it requires a mature, adult mind with a genuine desire to raise a child from birth into adulthood by means of teaching responsible, acceptable behavior. This of course takes time, common sense, and a genuine love for the safety and future of ones child. In today's society, parents are consistently using other means, such as childcare centers, schools, video games or the Internet as the sole guiding factors in occupying children's idle time

  • Blame the liberal media & school system as well.

    We all know that many parents are pushovers for their children and quickly defend their actions as to stay on their good side hoping that life will run smoothly; yet others have what's called Rose Colored glasses and support, even participate in the same rude behavior. However children today are swamped. With video games like Grand Theft Auto & entertainment shows that glorify raunch language, graphic sex scenes, and displaying parents as lame, week, buffoonish two dimensional punch lines.

    The school system had folded to the point where they allow disobedience from students out of fear of being sued or arrested. What needs to be considered is permanent eviction in exchange for an obedient child who would embrace a chance to learn and have a future.

  • Everyone is their own person...

    While ones upbringing can lead to different situations coming to pass in ones life, the people themselves interacting do not matter so much in as much as what they expose them to does and this goes for every single interaction one may have.

    About the only way such an argument really would make sense is that the make up of that person, which decides how they will react in any given situation is at base due to who their parents made them genetically.

    Other than that it's entirely interaction based.

    Otherwise for example, every single molested child would kill themselves, or become a molester themselves, or become a child advocate. The point being of course they may become any of those things, or not. Or maybe they'd become those things without being molested in the first place.

    You can't blame one or two people for the work of a society and the good or bad decisions ones own brain makes because of it composition.

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