• Parents are ultimately responsible for their children's intelligence.

    Children love to be mentally challenged as they grow up, but parents have to find a way to make it fun. I loved learning as I grew up and conquering something that was hard to learn was greatly rewarding for me. I had a very high I.Q. which I think was definitely attributed to challenging tests and lessons that made me "think" more than the average child.

  • Yes, parents can improve their children's intelligence.

    This is the dumbest question I have had to answer. There is prodigious and categorical evidence that proves that a parent can greatly impact their child's intelligence. They do so by simple things like interacting with them or reading to them or showing them novel things which they can learn by.

  • Parents can defilintely improve their child's intelligence.

    Parents have the ability to mold their children into anything. There is the whole nature/nurture debate, however I feel it is completely possible to foster a higher brain power with work and persistence. The tools and teaching aids available if used on a consistent basis can in my opinion raise a child's intelligence as far as the parent is willing to take it.

  • Smart Parents Raise Smart Kids

    The brain is like anything else in that it needs to be used if it's going to function at its utmost capacity. Parents can raise smarter kids by encouraging them to read and to follow intellectual pursuits instead of handing them an electronic device so that they can entertain themselves.

  • Precedents to Offspring.

    This is quite an interesting thought. Nowadays, you see many parental figures set a negative precedent for their offspring through ignorance, bad health choices (i.E., drugs), and just plain idiocy. Because of this, it's likely that their children are becoming a generation with negative connotations. So, if these parents decide to do more for their children's eyes to see, perhaps the bad pictures of people nowadays will diminish, and all shall be well again.

  • I'm not sure if we all agree on the definition of intelligence

    I thought that intelligence meant IQ, and if it does, then parents cannot change a child's IQ. There are a lot of very intelligent people who were not intellectually stimulated as children, namely Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey. The most parents can do is provide for and/or teach their kids, but they cannot determine whether or not their child will absorb whatever is taught. Saying yes to this proposition would suggest that kids from low income or neglectful families cannot possibly be intelligent, which we all know isn't true, as evidenced by the amount of poor people who can still get into prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford. It also suggests that caring, high income families will always have smart kids, which we also know isn't true.

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