• Yes, parents can spank their children.

    Of course parents CAN spank their children. The question of SHOULD THEY spank their children is a bit more complicated, as there is a fine line between corporal punishment and child abuse. However, I believe there are definitely some circumstances where spanking can be an appropriate and effective form of punishment/negative reinforcement.

  • Yes, parents can spank their children and should continue to.

    There are times, as a parent, when your child does something so outrageous or acts in a way that only a quick spank of the butt will do. For example, a child is climbing a ladder and although you have said no they continue to climb. At this point, you are scared for their safety, and sometimes grabbing that child off the ladder and giving them a quick tap on the butt is enough to scare them away from doing that behavior again.

  • Yes, they can,but not hard

    If your asking if a parent can kick a child, no way,but a light tap on the bum can't hurt. If your kid is licking his finger and sticking it in the light socket, a tap on the bottom may stop him or her from ever thinking about doing that again. Hitting is a totally different thing, it should not be aloud.


    Granted, you should never inflict physical force over what was obviously an accident, out of unjustified anger, or playfully. And when you DO spank the child on the behind, they need to know and understand 2 things:
    1) WHY they are being spanked
    2) How many they're gonna get for the bad behavior
    You, as a parent, have to reinforce the importance of learning valuable lessons.

  • Parents can spank their children until the laws are changed.

    I do not agree with spanking; however, I know many parents that do believe spanking is acceptable. As long as it is not abusive, the law will not intervene. There is a fine line between what is abuse and what is spanking. Currently, it is probably best if parents find a more acceptable form of discipline.

  • Spanking is ok

    Spanking is a form a discipline, it seems really efficient. As long as a parent is not kicking or punching their child or abusing them then spanking is fine. A spank on the bum or hand or even a ear pinch is perfectly fine. Spanking is not a form of abuse.

  • Got to be done

    I think that if you are going to raise a child right, and teach them to act right and not grow up to be bad, then you need to spank them and teach them disipline. I was spanked a lot, and now I am a great student and person today.

  • Not a natural consequence

    It doesn't make any sense. It's a total non sequituur. When exactly is spanking ever a natural consequence? As far as I can tell, Never. It's just meaningless cruelty. What next? Will they legalize disfigurement as a parental punishment? That's just horrible! Violence is never, Never, Not ever, The answer.

  • Spanking is cruel and unusual punishment

    No i do not agree with spanking because it teaches us to become violent in real life and hurts badly and parents shouldn't disciple their kids by spanking them because it is inappropriate punishment and kids end up badly hurt. You should not spank your child for discipline because it is cruel.

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