• There is no way out except talks

    The question is not that whether peace talk would work or not...The question is that what options we have to deal with them, one thing is for sure that their guerrilla tactics are difficult to handle, at least by Pakistani police and army action is going to be very abrupt decision before using the talks option....As they don't acknowledge the constitution of Pakistan he common sense says the are rebels and must be eradicated. But seeing their strengths and attack tactics we must first try to resolve through negotiations otherwise it is going to cost innocent lives of Pakistani citizens

  • They would not hurt.

    Any attempt toward peace seems to make more sense by talking rather than initially attacking. Perhaps if we were to sit down with members of the Taliban they would see that they carry a misconception of Americans, and we might learn something also. Together, perhaps we could make progress towards future peace.

  • No, I doubt it.

    It would never hurt to try and have a peace talk with the Taliban, but I would not hold your breathe. I do not think they care for our ways, and obviously have something against our culture, at least enough to feel the need to terrorize others. I believe they may be past peace talks.

  • They don't want peace.

    Terrorist groups like the Taliban aren't looking for peace, they are looking for vengeance for whatever they feel is wrong. Talking about the situation doesn't make the source of the problem go away and it isn't going to help the situation. We need to find a better solution to the problem.

  • The Taliban are fundamentalist not a government entity.

    The Taliban is an organization created out of a fundamentalist ideology of revenge for western world invasion into their lives and beliefs. Peace talks, by nature, are used to ensure that one faction of people can work toward a compromise toward what they want. Now if the Taliban had a message of just getting western influence out of their region then peace talks could work, but their aim is the destruction of the western ideology and the eradication of that ideology from the world stage. The Taliban have ties to political countries but they are not a political group.

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