• There is a possibility that some people are capable of reading minds.

    You may find it hard to believe but if you really focus on someone, imagine pushing yourself into their head, you will find that you can feel exactly how they are feeling or thinking at a certain moment or maybe even after they have been asked some questions. You just have to channel your energy and believe that you are connected with them. As humans, we only use an extremely small percentage of our brains ability, it is possible that with the right training and practice that we can unlock the part responsible for being able to read minds.You know what they say, you wont know unless you try it.

  • Yes they can

    I was trained by a jail to believe inmates and jailers work together and read minds they torchered me for10 months and coughed to confirm they were in my head when I had a thought they liked or agreed with they also pulled memories out of me and would debate them in front of me weirest experience ever

  • We don't really know anything

    How can we say that we truly know anything? Animals can't talk? All of your arguments on the no side just confirmed we don't know what animals can really do. Also think about this, how many diseases can a doctor identify by seeing the germs that caused it? They don't, they take symptoms, connect it to a similar case, and then use what worked before. Same as when they say, this child will not survive, we suggest you put it down. Are they always correct? Think about when trains were invented, if you said flying machines would exist in the future, you would be thrown in an asylum I'm exaggerating a little). Same thing for some things today, and some time in the future, some more impossible things will come up, some will become truth and so on.

  • It's impossible to literally read someone's mind.

    While it makes for a fun party or sideshow trick, true mind reading has never been proven to exist. Humans do have something that's very close to that, however, in the way we consciously and subconsciously observe and interpret a person's intention by observing their facial expressions, body movements and tone of voice. But actual mind reading? Nope, not possible.

  • No, people can not read minds.

    Some people are very in tune with the spiritual side of this world, and themselves, but not so much so they can read another persons mind. They may have good intuition and instinct, to the point it feels like they can read your mind, but I doubt anyone in the world right now is capable of that.

  • No one can read minds

    No, I do not think that people can actually read minds, and that mind reading is completely made up. I think that our minds are sacred to ourselves, and any attempt to prove that mind reading is real is just not factual. There is no evidence today or through history of successful mind reading.

  • People Cannot Read Minds

    Super hoax established decades ago, and never supported by anything other than whimsical fabricated, unscientific evidence. No human being can read the thoughts of another human being. Charlatans the world over, with each instance being easily explained by total circumstantial happenstance, or coincidence have perpetrated this trick on unsuspecting people, sense almost the beginning of time. Mind reading is nothing but a carnival act, believed by only the most gullible. Penny for your thoughts?

  • I doubt it there are mind readers.

    I think the phenomenon of "mind reading" ultimately comes to body language. We reveal a lot about what we're thinking and doing through body language. Someone who is really good at reading people and how we stand, sit or move with our bodies will have some ability to "read our minds."

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