• Yes!! Totally! 100% yes!

    I am always on social media, like always! Along with all of my close friends. Instagram, Twitter, Path, Snapchat, Facebook, Linkdin and so much more! People in America are soo addicted to social media it is beyond crazy! The society needs a reality check! How do you think they lived back 100 years ago when they couldn't post a pic of them going hunting.

  • People can be addicted to social media.

    People can be addicted to social media. They will refresh their social media feeds regularly and spend hour upon hour each day browsing the variousl social media outlets, even if nothing has been posted for a very long time. I have many friends that do this, and it is really sad.

  • Yes, social media can be addictive.

    People can be addicted to social media, and the rush they may feel when posting about their lives, getting "likes," getting feedback on their photos and posts, etc. If people feel that they must regularly check the websites they are members of, and feel stressed when, for whatever reason, they are not able to do so for a certain amount of time, then it could be classified as an addiction. It is also an addiction if it keeps people from doing things that they really need to do.

  • It's about limitation.

    Yes, everybody know social media can be addiction but ı think ıt's about people. You should know your limits. You have to say stop. I'm saying it's on your hands but everyone should accept that is dangerous point. It's the dark side of the socıal media but don't make that harsh.

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